Me and Wee: Stay at Home Mom Style

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stay at Home Mom Style


Hi friends!
Ugh, there's been sick kiddos in these parts. And a little thing called Hurricane Sandy. But, no worries! We are doing better and there's no damage to our house or yard. Thanks for checking in! Win and win! I fret about all the people who are struggling from this storm and hope for a speedy cleanup and recovery. I wish we had more control over these things, but alas, we do not.

This week's Stay at Hom Mom Style post is meant to show my new cool weather coat. It's an anniversary gift from Chris...the 7th year gift is traditionally we agreed to each pick out a wool (or like wool) coat. Mine comes from Anthropologie and Chris is the one who located it and suggested I try it on. I hadn't even noticed it, and when I saw it on the hanger I was all "Meh." But, when I tried it on I felt great in it and decided it was meant to be mine. It goes well with my skirts (the one shown is from Downeast Basics). My boots are from Aerosoles and the tights are from Urban Outfitters. I've discovered that skirts are almost WARMER than pants to wear in cold weather because you can put thick leggings or heavy opaque tights underneath. Lots of fun now that they have so many colorful tights to choose from! Of course, I'm not going snow-shoeing in this outfit; but you know what I mean.
I've found that it's fun to wear colorful's a mood-booster and I need all the help I can get these days! (I'm looking at YOU moody Paige and Noah). 

Check out all the other "What I Wore" posts too; it's fun to play along.
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Handbags*and*Pigtails said...

You are an absolute DOLL. I'm drooling over the entire outfit, and esp. that coat!

April said...

Love that coat!

Lor said...

I love the colours! Perfect for Fall...

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