Thursday, April 9, 2015

Time-Lapse Painting of a Bird

Hi friends!
Here's a time-lapse video I made of myself creating a painting of a junco wearing a capelet. It features collage and gouache and I hope you enjoy watching it! It was fun to make! For reference I used a photo my father took (with his permission of course!) and I created the capelet myself from imagination. The final piece is 5x5 inches.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Acadia Time-Lapse Painting

Hi friends!
I just finished up a little time-lapse landscape painting demonstration! This is from an image I took of Sand Beach in Acadia National Park. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Paintings of Baby Animals...

All finished my lamb! Now to make the flower crown for her head... #art #acryla #holbein #lamb #kidsart #nurseryart #nurserydecor #painting

Yep! I'm working on a whole lotta paintings of baby animals and pets! I'm doing a whole series of 5 x 5 inch acryla gouache paintings on Aquabord in fun colors...the plan is to also include a little easel for each painting to stand on. So cute for nurseries! Any animals you wanna see? I've got a huge list I'd like to do.
I'm also plotting and planning a series of large calming coastal-inspired landscapes with seabirds. Those I plan to paint quite large and in charge. It's gonna be a busy April!!!


 This one is in progress...

 Finishing layer one #painting #gouache #art #bluejay #birdart #meandwee #megancarty #holbein #acryla #tinyart

Thursday, March 12, 2015

2 Month update

2 months old

Dear Liam,

You are 2 months old as of yesterday! Where is the time going? I think it's going into your tummy as it is very cute and round. At your checkup we found that you weigh 15 pounds already! And you are 24.5 inches long. Such a big boy. You are wearing 6-month sized onesies and it's just all going too fast. You continue to be so sweet and gentle and you have the most wonderful smiles around. Cuddling with you in our middle of the night rendezvous (your meal) is such a treasure for me. It's quiet and warm and snuggly...just the kind of feeling I want to remember for always. I look in your eyes and all I see is love and possibility.
I love you always and forever my sweet!

 2 months old

"Hey Figaro, (loud whispering voice) That crazy lady keeps lookin' at me and takin' pictures! What's her freakin' deal?"

 Here's a little video vlog for the occasion...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Liam's Baby Boy Adventure Nursery!

Liam's Nursery

We finally finished up Liam's room just after he was born...I'm sorry it took so long to share his space! Juggling three kiddos is no joke; I don't know how people with do it with even MORE! I am in "go-mode" all day until bedtime just with household tasks and childcare. Phew! I have to add, though, that it is a fulfilling kind of tired and I feel so happy these days.
So, this is Liam's room and I hope you like it as much as I do!
As you can see, it's an eclectic mix of items that come together to form a sort of vintage adventure/into the wilds theme.  I chose to use the same Robin's Nest blue color (#618 from Benjamin Moore) that we used in the other kids' nurseries because it's such a happy color and so versatile. Paige's room had a yellow accent, Noah's had an orange accent, and Liam's now is a red accent. We also used the same crib and dresser the other kids used (recycle it!!!). Liam's room is a bit smaller in this new house than the nursery was in our old home, so we couldn't put as much stuff in here--no giant Ikea Expedit shelving for this room!  But instead we used a bookcase we had on hand that I spray painted red (it used to be aqua).

Liam's Nursery

Here you can see we hung up a vintage wooden drawer from some sort of old manufacturing storage unit to be used as a decorative shelf. Inside we put some knit rattle-birdies (they came from Bla Bla Kids years ago), some vintage alphabet blocks we got at the Spaulding Cooperage  (a local coop that sells reclaimed/refinished furniture and vintage goodies), a black and white postcard of a mountain range a friend gave me, Liam's hospital anklet, a vintage camping lantern I got from my friend Becky at her business "Box 121 Antiques," and a little knit owl hat Liam got as a baby gift. The huge kraft letter "L" hung on the wall came from Plum online boutique. That is such a cool little shop!!! Check it out! I considered painting the L a red color, but decided it looked more rugged and "vintage" just as it is.

Liam's Nursery

Liam's Nursery

This little vintage wooden box sits on the dresser's a nice little place to store some medicines and the lavender oil I like to rub on Liam's baby skin. (Baby skin!!! SIGH!!!!!) I got this from my friend Kris of Cricket Acres Studio. She is forever finding the coolest and most unique vintage items for the home and she has a really great way of re-purposing those things into cool new products.She has an inspiring blog too.

Liam's Nursery

Liam's Nursery

My friend Becky at her business "Box 121 Antiques," also sold me that rustic old oar that I decided to hang as wall decor. I thought it would be cool to create a vintage-looking poster for the room. I knew what I wanted it to look like and say, but I couldn't settle on a design. Then, a few days later, I found this post from Joni at Lay Baby Lay and went wild. That was exactly the look I wanted for my poster! I simply followed her instructions and it worked like a charm. She's a genius, that one! I then saw this post of her's and used this look for my own poster (it was the exact look I'd been planning!) She has her own poster for sale in many sizes here, so check it out! (Mine is not for sale since it is her design look...though not exact). Also, the photo in my poster is of Mt. Rainier that my friend Laura and her husband took. She generously let me use it for my poster. I changed the look of it in Photoshop to give it a vintage look to the colors and then I brought my poster design over to Staples to have it printed large.

Liam's Nursery

Becky sold me this really cool vintage fruit/orchard crate...I love the colors and the label and knew I had to have it for the nursery. I intended to put casters on the bottom to make it roll, but I'm thinking better of it as the kids would try to ride around the house in it (thus scratching our wood floors) and the box itself is fragile. So, for now it is storing some baby blankets and soft toys.

Liam's Nursery

On the wall next to the dresser is this really great shadowbox art display my friend Shenna of Shenna's Vintage Creations gave me. She made it herself to match the theme of the nursery and I simply need to add photos of Liam to make it complete. Isn't it cool? She can make these in customized themes (she recently made one in a vintage Winnie the Pooh theme using a vintage children's book and other found props).  It opens on the side like a cabinet so I can move things around as needed.

Liam's Nursery

This metal antler curtain tie is just a fun and whimsical touch in the space. We find, though, that it is a bit's heavy and sharp-ish. That's why we hung it up high. We don't want anyone to lose an eye. It came from Urban Outfitters.

Liam's Nursery

Liam's Nursery

Liam's Nursery

This is such a fun corner! This is a knock-off Eames-style rocker I got from The little sheepskin is from Ikea and the pillow is from Pier One Imports. The antique fox lamp was in my husband's childhood bedroom and I asked my wonderful in-laws if we could have it for Liam's room. It matched the theme and colors so well. It also has a really cool hand-painted shade. I love it! My friend Kris made the bunting as a's boyish, simple and sweet.

Liam's Nursery

These little guys are from BlaBla Kids. I love their products...they are well made and the color combinations are so perfect and fun! Figaro the bird watches over the space and keeps everyone in check.

 Liam's Nursery

Finally, I got this little red vintage mailbox from the Spaulding Cooperage as well. I thought it would make a cute little wall decoration. We hung it down low so the kids can put little trinkets inside and exchange messages to each other when they are a bit older. It's a bit of a nod to my obsession with Little Women and their secret mailbox with Laurie next door (any fans will know what I mean!).

Liam's Nursery

So, that's the space! I'm still tweaking a bit here and there, but I love being in that room. It's bright and happy and that's just how I feel with Liam. I hope you liked it too! And, for a flashback, here are the posts I had done for Paige's nursery, and for Noah's nursery.

I also made a little video tour if you are interested in watching!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Who pooped on the stairs?

Here's a normal everyday sort of vlog. Basic boring ramblings, but much more fun for me than typing! :) Here I am "keeping it real." Feel free to subscribe to my You Tube channel or leave a comment here to discuss anything from the post! :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Liam's One Month Birthday

Noah is 1 month old

Dear Little Liam,

A little while back (on Feb. 11th!) you turned One Month old! You're now in your 6th week, so I'm sorry this is late!
You are the sweetest little fella! You eat, you sleep, you burp, you poop, and you peer all around. Such a champ! After a chunk of time where you were very fussy, your doctor came to the conclusion that you have reflux so you've started taking Zantac. We've seen improvement! You are also fussy from gas, so you are a gentle formula made to help with gas. And now, you are so much more happy and sleeping better during your naps.
At night, you've dropped your 10 o'clock feeding time (or thereabouts!) and go long stretches until the early morning hours. We've subscribed to the idea that we not run to you the second you make sounds...and usually, you will let out a yelp or two and go right back to sleep...learning to connect your sleep cycles. When you SCREAM and it doesn't let up, I know it's time for you to eat.
You've also started smiling a few days ago; and this is something I cannot get enough of. You light up like all the stars in the sky and you just make my day.
In other news, you went from 8.4 pounds at your first doctor checkup to 12.4 pounds at your one-month checkup! You've become quite round and plump much to the joy of everyone at the doctors' office. I'm happy you're round and plump, but boy, you are getting heavy!! I'm a lucky Mama...I'll carry you to the ends of the Earth and back no matter how heavy you are.
I will close this little message to let you know how thrilled I am you are here. You are such a love; a dream. I cannot imagine life without you in it and I'm so lucky to be your Mama. I love you so very much and I always will forever and ever.
I love you always,

Noah is 1 month old

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Paige lost her first tooth!

Paige lost her first tooth today! #firsttooth #meandwee #milestones

Dear Little P,

You lost your first tooth two nights ago! (Sunday night, Feb. 22nd, 2015) We were finishing dinner (I was washing dishes) and you said "Mommy! Daddy! Help meeeeee!" and you thought your wiggly tooth broke. But, in fact, it had come out! I've NEVER seen you so excited. You ran around the house, dancing and hooting and hollering about your tooth and the fact the tooth fairy would be coming that night. You even said "This is the BEST day of my life!!!!!" I hugged you and told you how excited I was for you. I also made a little groan and said how you are growing so fast. And you know what you said? "Mommy, it's ok. I'm still your little girl!!!" and then you said "I still love and need you and Daddy!" Well that about melted my heart. You lost the tooth that happened to be the first tiny tooth that grew in your mouth as a little baby. It's bittersweet. (I will try not to cry now!)
I love you so much and am so proud of you. Here's to many more tooth fairy visits!
(she gave you a dollar in the little paper tooth pouch you made...a lot of money, but it's your first tooth, so I think she gives a bonus for that.)

I love you always and forever,

Here's a video of us calling my parents (you talking to Nana and Grampa) and telling them all about your tooth. Precious!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Going to Disney on Ice!

My favorite part of this little family movie vlog is how Paige shows everything she packed in her purse. She's never used her purse before and she was so excited to go on this little excursion, she got it out and packed it with her "essentials." It's funny to hear her explanations about "what's in my bag." I'm sad that she will be six in April...time is going too fast! But, I have to say she is SO FUN to be with and she says the funniest things. Love that kiddo.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Paige has a wiggly tooth!

In recent news, Paige has her first wiggly tooth! It's all she can talk about lately. It's very cute how she's so excited, but I refuse to touch it because that just gives me the willies.
Here's a little interview I recorded with her one morning after the kids got up. I find this video hilarious because Noah refuses to let Paige have her moment in the spotlight. He keeps saying "me too!!!" after everything and keeps trying to take over the interview. He just turned three...he does NOT have a wiggly tooth. He also DOES NOT like pink. Nor does he love unicorns. But he has to copy his sister however he can. Paige gets so frustrated with him; I can't help but find it funny sometimes. Enjoy this little snippet of their relationship!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Liam's Birth Story

Here is my account of Liam's labor and delivery story; born at 39 weeks. I hope you enjoy!

And to answer my longtime reader "Sapphire's" question in my previous post: Paige is going to be 6 in April, Noah has just turned 3 (a post about that to come soon!), and now Liam is here! He was born 3 days before Noah's birthday! Looks like we'll have a busy January from now on! And your idea to do a post/video about our routine with 3 kids is a good one! I'll work on that soon; especially once I HAVE a routine with 3! Ha! We're muddling it out right far so good! And I also will be doing a video about my Mommy Must-Haves, now that I've had 3 kids and a bunch of perspective in hind-sight. See y'all soon!
To see frequent updates, you can follow us on instagram! Our user name is @meandwee.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Welcome Liam Philip Carty!

We are thrilled and proud to announce the arrival of our third (and last!) precious baby:
Liam Philip Carty
Born on January 11, 2015 at 8:32 pm.
8lb. 12oz, 22.5 inches long

Did I capture a smile? #newborn #meandwee #kidsofinstagram #kidstagram #baby #milestones #smile

Quick facts: Born via C-Section almost 2 hours after we got to the hospital because he was transverse breech (sideways in my belly!) and I was totally dilated and ready to go! Also, it turns out his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times! (I had a feeling). He is cute, he is cuddly, he is a great eater, he's a good sleeper, and he's a good little fella. *sigh*

More details to come!

We all know you really just wanna see here ya go!

Togetherness and 2 days old. #newborn #fatherhood #kidstagram #kidsofinstagram #baby #meandwee

We are home now! Liam's almost a week old. He is dreamy and wonderful! #meandwee #kidstagram #kidsofinstagram  #newborn #baby

Liam bids you good morning! #kidstagram #kidsofinstagram #newborn #baby #meandwee #over

Liams Birth Week

Liams Birth Week

Liams Birth Week

Liams Birth Week

Liams Birth Week

Liams Birth Week Liams Birth Week Liams Birth Week This is right before we put him in his car seat to bring him home from the hospital. He'd just spit up all over his going home outfit, so on went the oversized onesie! I love those little kicks.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Depression during pregnancy, My Story

Here's a vlog I quickly put together regarding my antepartum depression because I just couldn't fathom typing out the whole story! Lazy, or genius? I'm sorry this post is so late! I have much to update you on, so I bet more vlogs will be coming your way asap! (It's so much faster than typing and much more fun!) Excuse my messy bed. Making it wasn't a priority today. Too bad! :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Paxil Withdrawal and Pregnancy

Hi friends!

So, I'm 35 weeks into this pregnancy and feeling exhausted, sore, crampy and every other thing that makes it hard to function. But I'm thrilled to be in the home stretch and feeling excited to see little "baby bean!" I thought I'd take some time in this post to discuss the very beginning drama of this tricky pregnancy.

If you have followed this blog, you might remember that I suffer from depression and anxiety. I'd been managing and getting by for a while using Paxil (after unsuccessful attempts with Prozac and Lexapro). I felt fine enough, but I was still severely lacking in motivation and "oomph." The day I found out I was pregnant (SURPRISE!!!!! And we'd JUST donated most of our baby stuff!) I realized that Paxil is a Class D drug and not for use during pregnancy. So, I stopped taking my pill that very day. I figured, "eh, I'm feeling good enough. I'm going to have to tough it out without it for the sake of the baby."

Oh my. I ended up having severe Paxil withdrawal. The next day, I woke up and felt so seasick. I had severe vertigo and began throwing up. This went on for days. I never had morning sickness with my other kids and this felt different somehow to things I'd heard. It was the same response my body had at other times on days I forgot to take my Paxil...I would become incredibly dizzy and nauseated. I would then spend the day throwing up. But I always felt better once I took my Paxil and it took a while to make the correlation that THAT was what was making me sick. My body depended on it.

It took me exactly 3 weeks for the "seasickness" to end. I couldn't drive or function normally during that time. I had to lay down all the time and it was so hard to take care of my kids. I depended on friends who brought Paige to and from preschool those days when I couldn't move or lift my head up. I had horrible night-sweats where I had to change my clothes 2 times per night. There wasn't a moment where I felt good. It was awful.

It was such a relief when the withdrawal ended and I felt like myself again! I will NEVER go back to taking Paxil. NEVER. Please know that this drug keeps you physically addicted by making it almost impossible to come off of. I wouldn't wish the hell of that sickness on my worst enemies. I wish I had been warned about this before ever taking it in the first place. I share this post to let others know my story so they don't feel alone if they are going through the same thing. A friend of mine who suffered similarly said "I'd rather go back into basic training than take that drug again." Sounds fair to me.

In my next post, I will talk about the ramifications I went through during my pregnancy after I stopped taking my anti-depressant and what I had to do to fix it. Depression and pregnancy is very serious and no joke. See you soon!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

I'm on Artfinder now!

Abstract Acrylic Painting by Megan Carty
Greeting Sandman, Nov. 2014, 22x28 inches, Abstract Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas, wired for hanging. Sparkling gold-leaf details throughout.

Hi friends!
I'm thrilled to announce that I applied to sell my original artwork on Artfinder... and I got accepted! Hooray! It is a wonderful marketplace where you can buy ORIGINAL paintings, photography, and limited edition art prints. They cater to all price-ranges from artists all over the globe. It's so easy to find original art to adorn your home that you can afford! I'm so thrilled to be part of it!
I've removed all my original work from my Etsy store and I'm going to keep that shop focused on open-edition prints/nursery art and greeting cards. Artfinder will host all my originals. It's such an easy-to-use website and if you become a member, you can keep track of your favorite pieces of art and you can follow your favorite artists. You'll get emails whenever your favorite artists list new work for sale. It's so inspiring to browse and see what other artists around the world are working on.
Be sure to check it out ...follow me and favorite my work if you are so inclined!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Maine Landscape Painting, Ferry Beach

Hi there!
Maine Landscape Painting

I'm excited about a new body of work I'm exploring. My latest watercolor painting depicts Ferry Beach...a well-known Maine beach with shallow water perfect for romping and frolicking children. So many people have cherished memories here. I created this painting to be a jewel on your wall...a small treasure to enjoy whenever you pass by. It is vibrant, colorful, and will remind you of warm breezy days on the beach. It comes to you already professionally mounted and framed; you simply have to put up a picture hook and you're finished! This heirloom-quality piece of original art will delight for years to come as the gem it is. These make wonderful gifts due to their small size and the fact that they are one-of-a-kind.

Here's the details:
-watercolor and gouache painting on aquabord
- measures 5x5 inches
- float-mounted by me on an 8x8 inch acid-free marker board and inserted into a black shadowbox frame.
- The frame measures 8 7/8" x 8 7/8" x 1.5" deep. There is sawtooth hanging hardware on the back for easy hanging on a picture hook.
- The art is titled, dated, and signed in pencil on the mat below the piece.

Float-mounting Painting

I am planning on creating at least 10 landscape/seascape paintings in this style and will mount them in this special way. I am even working with a lovely woman who makes hand-made frames using rustic wood in warm tones...I'm excited to share them when they come. These are going to be great heirlooms and great gifts!

I also do custom commissions if you are interested! Mail megan (at) to inquire.

If you are interested in this particular painting, go to the Me and Wee shop to learn more!

Seascape Painting

Landscape Painting detail

Maine Seascape Painting

Friday, October 31, 2014

An Art Studio of One's Own

Art Studio

Art Studio

When we moved here a year ago, one of the biggest selling features for me was the fact that this house had a separate studio's own entrance, a powder room, a kitchenette with granite counters, sink, and cabinets and lots of nice lighting. The previous owner was a massage therapist and reiki practitioner with her own business so I was able to sort of just move right into the space she'd already set up. Before this, I'd always had a little corner somewhere or a space in the cold basement. Now, I'm on the same level of the house as the rest of my family...heat! electricity! running water! windows! There's even a door that locks to the rest of the house so I can work "uninterrupted" (I put that in quotes because when you have kids there's REALLY no such thing, ha!).

Art Studio

Art Studio

Art Studio

 Art Studio

Art Studio

Art Studio

 It's nice to have my own little space here at home. Truth be told, though, is that it can get lonely. When I left my corporate job to freelance several years ago the first huge adjustment I had to make was working alone without my awesome co-workers. I used to love passing by the cubicles and saying hello...having funny conversations through the day...eating lunch together and sharing funny stories. That all ends when you are home and alone in your own space. No interruptions, no distractions, no banter, no laughter. It can be isolating. Now, Facebook has come along and become my go-to social center through the's my own little water-cooler and line to the outside world. I'm taking care of our kids now, so I'm pretty busy with them most of the time. But, I must say, if I were still freelancing and childless, I would consider renting a shared workspace. Have you heard about these? I've seen many creative freelancers flourish in this relatively new concept. There's a place called WeWork that does provide the perfect sort of atmosphere where people can still freelance but have an actual workplace experience with other people in similar situations. I would love to have other people around to bounce ideas off of, share resources with, laugh with, or just eat lunch with. Being able to work around others is the best part of going away to work (I always thought anyway).
WeWork is a co-working company that does just that...they transform buildings into collaborative workspaces and provide infrastructure, services, events and technology so that entrepreneurs and small start-ups can focus on doing what they love. I think it's such a cool concept. It's also such a great way of finding others to team up with in different specialties.
For now, I'm a work at home Mom and am thrilled to have a studio of my own...and a chance for a little peace and quiet! Who knew?

Check out WeWorks various locations in other major cities. 
Photos by Denise Carty Photography

Art Studio

Art Studio

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