Monday, September 29, 2014

Pregnancy Nesting

One day I woke up and got the bug to make a change in the kitchen. So, I went out and got chalkboard paint and made an accent wall! (Probably much to Chris' chagrin). (He is still dealing with fixing some of my, ummmm, mistakes and trim smears). I tried though!!! I got all the cool vintage-y decorative items on the wall from Becky at Box 121 Antiques nearby in Groton, MA. As you can see, I added some chalk birdies and some chalk plants coming out of the glass mason jar.

And, we got a little refurbished dresser from Becky as well! I put it under our photo collage in the kitchen and it holds all our countertop clutter (i.e. catalogs, school papers, coupons, kids' drawings, markers, doo-dads and whatnots). I was so sick of looking at piles everywhere and am so glad to have a place to stash things I want to keep for a bit.

So those are some recent little changes that have helped make the space our own! :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Corners of my home

I realize that we've lived here in this "new to us" house  for just over a year now and I haven't shared any of the rooms! They are quite lived in and seem impossible to keep clean these days (2 kids and a dog equals Clutter McClutter). On a day that the rooms happened to look cleaned up (I think we had people coming over!?) I took a couple shots of the spaces. We are currently doing some tweaks in the kitchen, so I'll have more to show on that soon. We are also doing tweaks to the family room. But I'll show you what we have so far.

Paige's Room:

Noah's Room:

Our Kitchen area

Our family room (part of it!)

And this extra room is going to be fixed up to become the baby's nursery; I am brimming with ideas for his new space! I'll share more when it's set!

Nothing is perfect, but we are slowly making the spaces our own and I'll be sure to share more on that topic soon!!! :)

Friday, September 19, 2014


Paige has been doing great with Kindergarten! She comes home so happy (albeit tired) every day. She's getting the support she needs and is starting to develop a lot more independent behavior. I'm so proud! Noah misses his sister during the day, but I also know he's really enjoying being the center of my attention.
Every morning he wears his backpack out to wait for the bus with Paige and he begs to get on there with her. I'm forever explaining that he has to be five and going to Kindergarten. He always is so bummed. Don't grow too fast Noah! Let's enjoy our time together, ok? These kiddos make my heart burst. I can't believe we have another one coming to join the fun.

Monday, September 8, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten

Dear Little P.,

The past few years have been a whirlwind that led to this day; your first day of kindergarten. It was last week, but I just couldn't bring myself to write to you until today. My soul was too fragile to write on your first days. I know you've been in full-time preschool since you were 3, but this feels so different. So official!

I will admit it, I sobbed for a few nights before your first day. The night before, I curled up in my bed and cried like a baby. I was so excited and happy for you, but sad for myself. I felt your babyhood just *POOF* disappear before my eyes. I was mourning all the things we didn't get to do together because you were always in school. We missed so much bonding time between Mama and baby. I still cry when I think about it. I don't regret anything, though, because having you in school has been a huge boost to your social and emotional skills you needed the extra help with. I had to trade my wishes and dreams of what mothering you would look like for what was best for YOU and your life ahead. I'd do anything and trade anything if it means the best for you. I love you so very much.

You were so thrilled on your first day and couldn't wait for the bus ride. You were so proud wearing your new backpack filled with all the little things you needed for school...lunch, snacks, a rest blanket/towel, your school folder and your special name tag. When the bus arrived you ran right away and up the stairs...and I called "Wait! Wait! I didn't get my hug!" So you stopped and let me give you a quick cuddle. I snapped an even quicker photo and then the doors closed. Off you went! Noah cried for a bit when you left; he missed you but I also think he wanted to ride the bus and go to school too! He was pretty jealous.

When you got home you were pretty tired, but filled with exhilaration with your full and busy day. You didn't share too much about what went on, but I know you will open up with a little time and space. You seem so happy each day so I can only assume you are enjoying your new school experience. I'm so proud of you my sweetie. You have been so strong and brave and filled with joy for all the new things happening in your life. You are so kind, friendly, sweet, silly, creative and soulful. These are traits that make you who you are...the person I love so very much and am so proud to be the Mama of.

I hope you know that I will be here for you every step of the way in your journey through life. These first steps of your own independence are so meaningful and special and I'm so glad I get to share them with you. I miss you every moment you are away but know that I am confident in the person you will go far little lady!!!! And know you are always on my mind and always in my heart no matter what.
Love always,

Monday, August 18, 2014


Here is my latest abstract painting that I've completed and sent off to its new home! What a pleasure to work on such a happy piece.
Title: "A Cooling Heat" Size: 36" x 48"
Acrylic/mixed media on gallery-wrapped canvas
August 2014
Copyright Megan Carty 2014

Sunday, August 17, 2014

It's a...

We did a little gender reveal cupcake thing with Chris' family during a family party. We didn't record it as it happened (darn!), so here is the experience re-created for ya. Ha!  We are super-duper-excited.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Third time is the charm!

Surprise! We are going to be a family of FIVE sometime in early January 2015! I still can't believe it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Golden hour


evening glow

 They say the golden hour to take photos is right as the sun is going down. I would agree! It's best right when the rays of sun have disappeared and the residual light is still there. I decided to do a mini photo shoot of Noah the other day playing with rocks around the Bleeding Hearts shrub.
Things I wanted to remember: Noah's chubby and huge feet, how his pants are a bit too small and they fall over the butt of his diaper Bieber-style (it's only ok because Noah is a baby), how he found an old mitten of Paige's and decided to wear it like an oven mitt all evening, and the way he was so pensive as he moved rocks from one garden bed to another. My sweet boy.

peace in the garden



Noah finds a pebble

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My girl

Paige paints

I like to sit in the quiet of the evening before bedtime and watch Paige do what she loves most...make art. Sometimes she collages her own unique pieces and other times she just colors or paints existing pictures. She loves this time for creating and I love watching her. It's like watching a dream.

Color Selection

Monday, May 12, 2014

Two-wheeler bike

unicorn bike

We gave Paige a 2-wheeler bike for her fifth birthday (among some other smaller gifts). It has a unicorn pouch (!!!)  at the front and is covered in unicorn is also a combination of her favorite colors so she's pretty thrilled. There are training wheels on it to help her get used to riding and she took to it like a duck to water! Overall I'd say the bike is an epic win!

new bike!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Happy Mother's Day! My own mother is so special, sweet, loving, friendly, kind, and caring. I try to model those traits after her. I love you so much Mom!!
Being a mother is such a sacred and special vocation. I feel so blessed and grateful every day to have these kids of mine. I call on those feelings when I'm most annoyed with something my kids might be doing; whether they are being messy, loud, fighting, naughty, etc. LOL! Remembering my blessings has saved me from many a time when I wanted to scream or lose my temper. They are wonderful beautiful children that God has entrusted me with. I know that I am doing my best and I should be proud of that; even on my worst days when I feel like the biggest failure and drag of a mom.
Every day is a different challenge and different set of tools are used to navigate and get through the day with love and success. I like that; when it seems like being a stay at home mom might be mundane it is truly the opposite. There is always a different problem to solve, a different joy to witness, a different plan to forge.
I love being a Mom and today I remember how lucky I am. I love you Noah and Paige.
Noah age 28 months
sibling hugs Paige turns 5

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I'm a Catholic but so much more.

I officially became a Catholic at Easter Vigil this year! What a special night in a zillion ways. My relationship with my Heavenly Father has deepened and I'm grateful for that. He has shown me the way to so much healing and I'm grateful for that too. Here are a select few photos of the ceremony.

Before the ceremony; that's the baptism font behind me there.
Before my baptism

Going through the Mass but before baptism
Awaiting Baptism

Kneeling in the font (filled with Holy Water) and getting baptized. Wow!
My Baptism

I was glad the water was heated!
One of the splashes as I kneel in the font

Here I'm going through my Confirmation and there's Holy Chrism (scented oil blessed by the Cardinal) being rubbed on my forehead (sealing me)

Father Peter giving me my First Communion
First Communion

The whole experience is something I cannot describe...nothing is fitting. But I can say it was more amazing than I'd hoped.
I've been on my faith journey all my life and felt a major pull from God to rely on Him more. That all my answers to the struggles in my heart are with Him. I have found healing from past hurts. I've found more peace, too, knowing the losses from my 4 previous miscarriages before Paige came along are in heaven. They are enjoying peace, light, comfort and love. I have 4 other children I will meet one day and I often sit and think about them and wonder what they are like. The love for them exists here and in heaven. That is special.
Now that I belong to a faith community, I feel like I have a place to go where other people feel like I do. I have a place where I can use my gifts and talents God has given me. I can find ways to show love to others through ministry and self-donation. Wherever I go I like to look around to see if there's a way I can help someone...carry their bags, look for an item, help with their kids, etc. It feels nice even when I can do something little. And now, I can teach my love for God to my children so they can know that they are perfect and special and part of an amazing creation.
As I move forward in my life, I will include God in my plans, goals, thoughts and decisions. I know that He wants the best for me and I want that too!
I am a wife and mother first, I'm a friend, an artist and a helper. God has blessed me with these callings and I will do my best to carry them forth with a happy content heart!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy 5th birthday!

paige turns 5

Dear Little P.

Today you turn 5. Where did the time go???? It seems like yesterday I was holding your little body in my arms and marveling over your soft breath, little feet and little fingers. I think you can tell I'm a little sad your babyhood is gone because you were trying to act like a baby today and said "It's ok Mee-Mee-Moo! (she calls me that) I'm still the same person I was when I was four! Now I'll just be able to do even MORE things. I'm just growing and that's what people do!" You're right sweetie; I'm proud of you for growing and becoming such a lovely young lady. You are sweet, kind, and fun. You are funny, silly, smart and creative. You are a very talented artist and have a world-class imagination.
I am so thankful to God for the gifts he's given you but MORE thankful to God for giving you to ME. You bless my life in different ways every single day. You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me think, you make me WORK. :)
Being with you is such a joy and a treat and I'm the luckiest Mee-Mee-Moo around. I love you to the moon and back again to infinity.
Keep on being yourself, be kind, be loving, and be positive. You will go far toward your biggest dreams when you are those things.
I love you always and forever,
Mama (Mee-Mee-Moo)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Treasured Moments

Last week we were all eating dinner together as we do every night. Toward the end of the meal, Paige looked up at us and the conversation went like this:

Paige: "Mommy, how old are you?"
Me: I'm 35
Paige: "Huh. Daddy, how old are you?"
Chris: "38"
Paige: ***pause*** "Wow guys.......those are some big numbers. Those are some biiiiiiiiig numbers!"

(remember when she had a speech delay?)

She's ready to start the day! #meandwee #preschool

Monday, April 7, 2014

Abstract Landscape of Motherhood

Hi friends!

Lately I've been working hard to juggle being an artist with being an at home mom. Boy, do I suck at it! LOL!
Trying to put your full attention on several things at once has been a recipe for disaster in terms of stress, frustration, anxiety and overall dis-ease. SIGH!!!!
Something always falls to the side...the kids, or my art, the household tasks, my relationship with my awesome husband, or my sanity. It's something I pray about all the time and have been experimenting with for the past 2 years.
I've sort of come to the conclusion that there's no easy way to do it all or do it all well. SO, I've made a deal with myself to just set my art career onto the back burner until I can devote more time to it. Once the kids are in school, I will have more time devote the proper attention to my goals. It's not fair for me or on anyone else that I try and push a square peg into a round hole. This means that I am going to paint and create when the mood strikes during free time as a hobby. I will be cooking up ideas on the side when there's room to spare. This will free me from my own personal constraints and pressures and get me back to focusing on what matters most to me...the well-being of my children, our home, and my mental health.
It's hard because I WANT to be able to do it all, but I need to have the strength to admit that I'm not able to do it right now. I have to give myself permission to wait and be ok with it. In that spirit, I did some painting on Saturday and these are what I came out with:

"Early Summer Countryside" 20 x 20 inches, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas
Megan_Carty_abstract landscape

"The Storm Lifts" 7x5 inches, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas

Both are abstract; a style I am embracing with all its surprises. I love to show the mood of a scene through light and color. The landscape is always changing depending on the sky, the weather, and the time of year. That is the beauty of nature and it's just so fascinating.
I've come to know that I want all of the art I make to bring joy and peace to someone else. It's that simple. Through my prints, my paintings or my cards I have a way to share a thought or image that might lift someone else up in some way and that is a wonderful blessing.
I hope you are well!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Becoming a Catholic


Have I told you that I've been working on becoming a Catholic? It's true. Chris is a devout Catholic and the kids have been baptized Catholic. I grew up Christian, but without a religion in specific. And that's been fine by me. I've forged my own relationship with God and have found so much peace and comfort through Him on my own. But over the past several years I've found myself wondering about my purpose. What am I here to do? What are my gifts and talents for? What is the plan for my life? These are mysteries we all live with but the questions have been tugging at my soul. I felt such unrest! I kept thinking maybe I needed a new job, or a new house, or a change of scenery. I never felt all the way fulfilled. But after a particularly hard day, I realized that I was missing a stronger relationship with God…the kind that comes through a community of others who share and celebrate the same beliefs. I spent the better part of a year or more researching religions and reading everything I could about different faith groups, their traditions and histories.
I realized, after my research, that your faith is what you make it. And that has made all the difference. So, I decided to join the family in celebrating within the Catholic faith. I've been learning about it for well over a year now and I will be Baptized, take my first Communion, and have my Confirmation at the Easter Vigil Mass this year. I'm so excited about it! I'm looking forward to ways I can share my gifts and talents with others and my children through Ministry. I'm so curious to know how God wants me to help others in the best way. I'm praying about it and know an answer will come in time. I have plenty to do in the meantime!
I must say, I've come to really appreciate and respect people and all their different beliefs. It is fascinating to see so many people looking for ways to make it peacefully and purposefully through the lives they've been given. I even have several atheist friends who have their own ways of finding special meaning in their days here. I'm so happy we have the freedom to believe how we would like to. We can care for one another no matter what our beliefs and that is a special privilege. I'm hoping to share more about how my faith journey has been changing my life for the better.

Here is Cardinal Sean O'Malley declaring us Elects.

Here's Chris and Me at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston for the Rite of Election.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Etsy Success

I got interviewed for an article on pricing on Etsy. Today it's on the homepage and I was quoted and everything. I'm thrilled and excited (and grateful!).
Pricing my items has been an ever-evolving process. Creating hand-made means you take on all the overhead for supplies, time, shipping and marketing efforts. It also means you put your level of expertise into the mix. The customer gets something made of quality, love, care and attention. In the end, you hope someone values what you make and sees a little of themselves in it.

And just because, here is a photo of Noah feeling proud of his animal parade.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Denise Carty Photography


As I mentioned last week, my brother-in-law's wife Denise Carty took all the awesome photos for my branding for me and my Me & Wee shop. She is a very skilled photographer and is so laid back and easy to work with...we had a lot of fun setting up our shoot! She is very talented particularly in the area of portrait photography for children, families, etc. but she has a particular gift and favor for photographing newborns and pregnant moms to be. She is very skilled with lighting, soft effects, and creating that peaceful sweet shot that only comes once and will last forever. She has two kiddos of her own; so she knows all about baby-wrangling, routines and schedules! And she offers a lot of great photo products like fancy albums, canvases and high-end photo finishes. Her professional retouching is another added value...newborn skin can look very purple and she takes care of it all!  If any of you are in the greater Boston area or particularly the South Shore, I would consider working with her for your special portrait needs!


You can view her newborn and maternity portfolio right here (so cute!)
Check out Denise Carty Photography right here.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Holiday bonanza!

I can't believe I didn't post favorite pictures from the past holidays we had!
So, here's a crapload of pictures from Halloween 2013, Thanksgiving 2013, and Christmas 2013.
Now, I can rest assured these photos or on the blog for our future perusal. Phew!

Halloween 2013:
Paige wanted to be a "pegasus unicorn." Of course, in true New England style, she had a winter coat on below her costume so she looked like a marshmallow with wings and a horn. A cute marshmallow.
Paige proclaimed she wanted Noah to be her trusty dragon friend, so we agreed (since it would be cute.)
 Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

Thanksgiving 2013:
Speaks for itself! That bow-tie and vest kill me.





Christmas 2013:
Cute jammies, cute church outfits, anticipation...what's not to love about Christmas fun and kids?









Thursday, March 6, 2014

Winter 2014

More snow! Pfffft.

It looks like this pretty much constantly here in my yard. This winter has been a nightmare here in New England. It's been the usual snow (blah) but that's not a big surprise. It's the temperatures that have brought on the hard's been 8 degrees many days and highs seem to constantly hit 20 degrees at best. What the what??????!!!! I've got cabin fever in a big way and feeling so jealous of the parts of the country that get to enjoy spring. sigh.

See this picture below? It was 5 degrees when that was taken. Winter, you suck! (I said that in my best Maine accent by the way)
Timbah! #newengland #trees
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