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Monday, January 26, 2009

In the Now

Hi friends!
I hope you are having a good Monday! I'm busy here on the homefront working on some wedding invitation work for a few clients. It's delightful to be busy when it's cold outside! I'm 26 weeks along today and I guess this is the week the baby opens her eyes and blinks. They say you can hold a flashlight to the belly and she will see the difference. They also say if you listen carefully you can hear her heartbeat. (Well, I can't... but supposedly my husband could...we've tried it but no luck so far). I've noticed I've started getting more tired if we are out running errands. We went to the mall on Saturday and I kept having to stop to breathe and adjust my hips. Oh, the hips! I wanted lunch badly and wanted to cry when the restaurant was all the way at the other end of the mall. Like a football field or an ACTUAL CONTINENT away. It's the first time I've actually considered using one of those personal riding scooters (I would have settled for a Segway, a wheelchair, a plane, a zepplin, jet pack or the like) . With Chris' gentle encouragement and cheers we made it and the food was good (once we got seated of course). It's amazing how tired I was after just a little bit of walking. I spent Sunday recouping. It's pathetic! But I won't feel bad about it since my body is busy with important things behind the scenes. It won't be long before I won't be able to claim that and just have to own up to the fact I'm a lazy bastard.
We also spent time getting our little dog Maren up to date with a new leash and collar and some new toys. Everything she had before was falling apart or useless so our first "little one" is now looking quite snazzy! I like making sure we are giving her plenty of attention while we can. Spoiled dog. The little sucker just doesn't know what's coming!

Collar up closeMaren and her collar


Michelle said...

you are such acute pregnant lady, the nursery looks adorable!!!! I am going to steal all of your ideas some day :) Aorable doggy too.

alicia said...

ahhh sooo cute! I love that collar!

I am so tired too now, walking totally drains me, and I have to do it everyday! ahhh.

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