Me and Wee: Summer Vacation

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Vacation

We went on vacation to Ogunquit, Maine for a few days. It was Paige's very first vacation.
My feet

Paige's new suit

Here I am in my new bathing suit! I'm not even 4 months yet and this bathing suit is for sizes 6-12 months! I'm a tall lady!

Here's the back of it; I love my ruffle-butt!

I got to snuggle with Mom on the balcony!

Paige and DaddyAnd hang with Dad to see the sunset!

First Pool
I had my first dip in the pool with Daddy; he kept me safe! I really liked it but got chilly after a while. There was a cool breeze!

Hangin' with Mama
Mommy hung out with me in the shade by the pool most of the time. We enjoyed our views of the ocean. The weather was perfect!
She helped me dry off when I came out of the pool. So snuggly!dressy
I got to dress up for dinners out. What fun!

Mama and Paige

I allowed Daddy to take my picture with Mommy and I gave him a tiny little smile, just because.

light up

Thanks for letting me tell you about my first vacation!


Anonymous said...

So fun! Love the ruffle butt suit. :)

S & H said...

Oh my gosh, Paige's lips are so yummy! I just want to kiss them :).

Lor said...

She is a cutie !!

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