Me and Wee: Miracle of Sleep

Friday, November 5, 2010

Miracle of Sleep

Anyone who has followed along with this blog knows of how we've tried to get Paige to sleep later in the morning (5:15AM is much too early!). I'm happy to report she's finally sleeping until 6:15 or so. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. Putting her to bed within 4 or 5 hours at the MOST after her nap has made a big difference. Any more than that...well...she tends to get up earlier. UGH! But we're so glad to have found a solution that works for us so far.
Lucky for us, Paige has always been a pretty good sleeper. When she was very little, we used a Miracle Blanket to swaddle her and it worked wonders in helping to calm her and eased the fussies that kept us up all hours. I remember she went from sleeping to just a few hours to six straight hours when we first started using it. It only got better after that. The benefit of this blanket to other swaddlers is that it really held her arms down...she couldn't wriggle free! Paige NEVER stayed in other swaddles as they always fell apart after a while. I was also too worried about her sleeping at night with one...what if it came undone and covered her face? The other benefit was that there was no noisy velcro...some other swaddlers I had were so noisy at night when I was just trying to give Paige a quick bottle and diaper change. Nothing like a loud ripping of velcro at 3:00 in the morning to keep a baby in dreamland! We used our Miracle Blanket every night and for some naps until Paige outgrew it at around 5 months. Here's a video to show how it works. It always stopped Paige's crying too. She'd smile a little and go right to sleep.

This leads me to my first giveaway!! Da-Da-DAAAAAHHH!
The lovely folks over at Miracle Blanket will send one of my lucky readers a new Miracle Blanket for their own little bundle (or to give to a friend!) What do you need to do? First, go ahead and favorite Miracle Blanket on Twitter here, and on Facebook here.
In the comments section of this post, I'd love to hear about what your favorite thing about your bedtime routine with your little one; or your favorite night-time memories with your little one. I will choose a winner based on their answer. The winner will be ONLY be announced on Miracle Blanket’s Twitter page or Miracle Blanket's Facebook page the afternoon of Tuesday, November 9, 2010 (after 2:00 pm CST). Be sure to check there to see if you've won! The folks at Miracle Blanket will give the winner 24 hours to respond back, otherwise you forfeit the prize. Contest is open to U.S. and Canada. This contest will run from today, Friday November 5, 2010 through Monday, November 8, 2010 at 3:00 PM CST. Good luck!! I can't wait to hear your favorite night-time moments with your precious ones!


April said...

Eliora is only 6 weeks old so we are still developing our sleep routine... My "favorite" (insert sarcastic voice here) part so far is how she makes it her goal to get out of her swaddle all. night. long. She grunts and struggles, struggles and grunts and when she finally has got a few fingers out, then a hand, then one entire arm, you'd think she'd rejoice and throw a party... Nope. She cries hysterically till we pick her up and start over. Good thing she is so darn cute. ;) - April

Kelly said...

Oh! I love the miracle blanket. It is the only swaddle that could use with my son, otherwise known as the worst sleeper of all time. He's 11 months now and a great sleeper(with the exception of the 5:30 am wakeup) but it took a lot of work to get him there. My favorite part of our bed time ritual is carrying him into his room after his bedtime story, he always has a big smile on his face as he waves goodnight to his daddy.

MamaBear said...

I'm a fan on facebook and a twitter follower. I didn't have a miracle blanket, but I used a different version with my daughter and when she stayed in it it really worked to help her fall asleep. I called her my little baby buritto.

My favorite bedtime routine was singing "their" song at bedtime/naptime. My kids were both October babies so they were just starting to interect more at the begining of the Christmas season. I chose Silent Night for my son and sang it to him every night for 2 years. He knew that it was bedtime as soon as I started singing or humming it. (It was great because whoever put him to bed knew "his" song and could sing it to him. It also worked if we were out somewhere and I needed one of them to nap in the sling. My daughters song was O Come O Come Immanuel.

They were baptized in December with their songs played at their services and since they both played baby Jesus in the living nativity having a Christmas song was extra special.

We always joked that the kids were going to fall over sound asleep when they got older and heard their songs :)

Tess Fishburn said...

my favorite bedtime routine, would have to be snuggling up on the couch with my husband and listening to my 3 and 5 yr olds pillow talk. they are so dang cute!

like them on FB and follow them on twitter

Erika said...

I like/follow Miracle Blanket on Facebook (erika b) and Twitter (erika105.)
My favorite memory/routine of putting my babies to sleep was rocking them in my glider & reading to them Goodnight, Moon. I did that with all 3 of my children when they were babies and will with our newest baby boy arriving in January! When they were really little, I would wrap them in the Miracle Blanket first and that always soothed them immediately. We are big MB fans here! Thanks so much!

AmyLynn said...

I'm following Miracle Blanket on Twitter (hillfam2005), and on Facebook. I'd love to win this for my SIL. She is expecting her first child in February. I am sure she hasn't even heard of the miracle blanket but I know she would love it, since it will help baby sleep better. Thanks for the chance. :)

Jennifer said...

I am a follower of Miracle Blanket on Facebook and Twitter.

With 3 little ones (6, 4, 16 months) my favorite part of our bedtime routine is when I get my 5-10 minutes of alone time with each one. It's our special time to talk about their day and to tell them how much I love them. We sing special songs meant just for the two of us. As they grow up I know they'll grow out of these special moments, so I try to treasure them now.

Christie said...

My favorite part of our bedtime routine is that I have always sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to my little ones. The older two are 4 and 2 and I had no idea the effect it had on them until the newest little one just came along in August. They have always requested the song at bedtime but I never realized that it had really "stuck" with them until now. Everytime the baby cries or every time one of them hold him, you can hear them ever so softly singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to him :)

Jackie at 3littleones said...

My favorite part of our bedtime routine is story reading and then prayers :) We started reading stories when my oldest was about 6 mnths and he's now 4 1/2 (and has 2 little sisters) - I love to see how excited they get for stories and I also love to see my oldest (and middle child now too at age 3) "read" some of their baby books to my youngest. It's amazing how much their mind absorbs and how they've practically memorized some of their favorite stories. My youngest (20 months) now recites the entires Monkeys On the Bed book - haha!!! And then w/ prayers, my kids always add something so sweet at the end of their prayers (like a friend they just met or if someone they know is sick w/ even just a cold) - so cute!!!!

Jackie at 3littleones said...

oh yeah - forgot!! I follow miracle blanket on twitter @domesticgreen and also like them on FB

jbuccigross at gmail dot com

Jenny said...

My favorite routine has been reading to my son. When he was an infant, I loved how he would watch me intently while I read to him, and now that he's an on the go toddler I love having just a few minutes of snuggle time in front of a book together.

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