Me and Wee: Boots and winter

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Boots and winter

Paige has taken to wearing my shoes all around. My winter boots are no exception. Here she is doing some fancy footwork after putting them on:

And then she declared (no, not REALLY) "THESE are mah new puzzlin' boots!!!".

Wishing we could play outside more. Our fence and playhouse are officially buried in the backyard. That's 4 feet of snow, my friends! When it isn't 2 degrees, we try to play a bit in the driveway and I also pull her sleigh up the road and back. (Always ending with "more!" and off I go back up the worries; there's no traffic) But it's so darn cold lately, it's just hard to be out there. sigh. When is spring coming?

1 comment :

Valery said...

her + your boots = adorable awesomeness. :) Thanks for sharing.

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