Me and Wee: 22 months

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

22 months

Here is Paige, hoping to watch a show (but I said no and we read books instead)

My Dearest Little P.,

When you burst into my room this afternoon with Daddy you had the brightest smile...your cheeks bursting and I saw all of your teeth at once. You screamed with glee and ran toward me at lightning speed. I had just finished a nap (I've had a nasty cold AGAIN!) and I guess you missed me! You gave me a wonderful hug as I reached over the side of the bed. Those are the moments I string together like pearls at keep around my heart. These are what makes life so wonderful and meaningful. There have been many, many, many of these pearls lately!
Paige, you are such a happy kiddo. SUCH a happy kid. And that makes ME so happy and feel like I am doing something right. You rarely fuss about anything anymore; you are just so cheerful and excited about life. You are incredibly bubbly and bouncy. I often can find you skipping and hopping around as you say "hop! hop! hop!!" I have even found you in front of the mirror saying "Caw! Caw!" as you flap your arms as you pretend to be a bird; so silly. Your smiles have gotten more expressive and bright; your snuggles more cuddly. Our bond has strengthened beyond measure.
One of your favorite activities is to sit and "read" to me. You babble, jargon and chatter at a high rate with lots of inflection as you tell me a story from any number of books. I can never recognize any of the words and it just doesn't matter. Your stories are the most wonderful in the world. They are yours and I'll always be listening in awe.
We are having such a wonderful time together. I cherish these days and miss each one as it passes by. Being with you is the greatest pleasure. We've been through a lot these past few months but the challenges have delivered the greatest rewards. Being your Mama is the greatest job I could have ever dreamed of and I often pinch myself because I feel so lucky and wonder if I'm in a dream. I miss you when you are in bed at night all safe and warm. The morning brings the warmth of your smile and the delight of your giggles; I hate to be away from them!
You are going through some rapid changes with growth, speech, and a developing's like being there as the flower unfurls. It's so fast! You are so different today than you even were last week. There's simply no containing you even if I wanted to.
I often think about how loving you means giving you plenty of space to grow and find yourself. It means letting go of your babyhood and trying to control all your movements. But it also means knowing when to hold you close and enjoy right amount of togetherness for playing and learning. I don't always do it right, but I want you to know that I try my best to give you what you need to help you be your best.
Your beautiful and happy face tells me I'm doing just fine. So, thank you for that.
I love you always and forever more,

We created a little nook in our bedroom with books and a few toys to make you feel welcome.

You love a good scratch and sniff book

Making a proper mess as you play in your room


Sapphire said...

Love, Love, Love your letters to Little P. Warms my heart and I haven't met either of you! Keep writing them Pagie's cup will runneth over too one day.

Lor said...

Cute as ever...

Traci said...

I always tear up as I read these. LOVE it!

Hey, about the masks. I made them. One lion and one bear (although actually many bears since I made them for the kids that came to her 2nd b-day party). If you want, I can send you the ai file of what I drew. Email me: traci.yau at gmail. :)

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