Me and Wee: an update

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

an update

3 weeks old

Hi friends!

I'm on day 2 of being by myself with the 2 kiddos. So far so good! Yesterday was hard; I won't lie. Not hard work, but I guess it was just stressful for me with lots of juggling. Laundry, dishes, Paige's needs (she has a cold just like me and her dad), her providers coming in and out....the exterminator making his monthly upkeep visit; Noah's needs, MY needs. I managed it all, even during Paige's several afternoon tantrums; some overlapping with Noah's crying for food. The only thing I left out was to eat my own lunch. Oh well.
I'm finding that I'm at the mercy of little Noah's feedings...I cannot control when they fall so it's hard to plan the day around anything. And little Paige has to learn to accept that I'm out of commission during these feedings and that she has to wait. A hard lesson for her, but she's doing better than I thought she would. Paige is extremely loving and caring toward her brother. Whenever she sees him she sends many tender words and pats his way. She also likes to kiss his head and sing him songs. Such a lucky brother!
Noah has been a dreamboat. He sleeps in 4-4.5 hour chunks, wakes up and gives a little raptor-like yelp for food which I oblige with a bottle. He's already taking about 5 ounces per feeding! He's not even a month old yet. Yikes! He's so calm and quiet and just peers around while he's awake. So, I un-swaddle him and let him watch us play. When his kicks slow down, I re-swaddle him and he zonks back out in his little 30 degree recline chair (placed in the Pack N Play in the living room). That's pretty much it! We'll see how that changes as he gets older, but for now I'm soaking in the honeymoon of his disposition and hoping it lasts! I'm very grateful for his calmness!
I have so much I want to write about in this space. I just need to organize my thoughts and get typing! Thanks for visiting and for checking in. Thank you, also, for your kind words and letters. They mean so much to us and I'm so thankful for YOU!
I'll be back soon with the organized thoughts I mentioned. Hopefully. We'll see how these next feedings go!


alicia said...

ohh glad he is such a sweet babe!! makes things so much easier having chill babies!!

val said...

What a cutie!

Sapphire said...

He's adorable! Thanks for the updates on how thing are going. Having more than one little one at a time is a little scary to me but hearing how you are managing it helps me to think that maybe someday it will be possible for me.

Anonymous said...

It's hard tending to both kids- I just kept telling myself that this is how the older one learns patience and sharing.
It made me feel better SLIGHTLY.

Julia said...

Glad to hear things are going well! Noah is such a cutie! And it's great that he is such an easy going baby.

Maria said...

Such a cute little face!

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