Me and Wee: 5 Months

Friday, June 15, 2012

5 Months

Noah 5 Months

Dear Little N,
Yesterday you turned 5 months old. Along with this mini birthday came your first illness...sores all in the back of your throat. You scream and cry and stick out your lip. You haven't slept much and neither have your Dad or me. I'm so sorry you are so sick. The good news is that this is just a virus and should go away rather quickly (in a few days). I didn't know why you were screaming or had a fever; we were told it was likely teething. But my "Mommy-Sense" knew better and I brought you in for further inspection where the doctor found the sores in your throat using a bright light and a tongue depressor. Anyway, you don't like to eat right now. I understand since it hurts when you swallow! Poor little fella!
That bad news aside, you've accomplished a lot this past month. You've learned to roll over from your back to your tummy, you've gotten a real hang of grasping objects (even ripping my hair out at the roots...sweet!), and enjoyed all your Jumperoo has to offer. I don't know of anyone more gleeful than you in the Jumperoo. I have to remember to limit your time in there; I think you'd jump all day if I let you.
This past weekend you were baptized. You know that I'm not Catholic but your Dad is. Paige is too; so now you are on that same track. I hope you will find comfort in your faith the way I always have. God loves you no matter what; He made you perfect as you are. Always remember that you are a masterpiece. (God's and mine...hee hee) Treat yourself as such, but remember to be humble. As MY Mom always taught me: "It's nice to be important; but it's more important to be nice." Another thing I'd like you to remember about your faith is that you don't have to do anything to be a winner in God's eyes. Come as you are. Know that God wants you to be successful and bless you as long as you do your part. I like to tell God that I know He's supposed to love you most, but I don't see how anyone could love you more than me. We joke like that. Anyway, I'll do another post about your baptism, but had to mention it here since it happened this past month!
Noah, you are such a treasure to behold each day. You wake up so happy; you gurgle and coo while you wait for me to come get you out of your crib. When I walk in, you look up at me owlishly and give me a huge grin. My heart then melts in a puddle. You are such a happy guy; always smiling and cooing the day away. You are so easy-going; I can take you anywhere and you won't complain! I don't want to jinx it, but you are Mr. Cooperative. You almost NEVER cry or fuss (sometimes I wonder what is up with that?). You've even started sleeping through the night completely (*angels singing here*) I count my lucky stars, believe me.  Not a day goes by where I'm not expressing my thanks for you in some way. You have such a gentle and sweet nature; I often feel like pinching myself when I think about how wonderful life is with you in it. It seemed so wonderful before, but now there is yet another glorious layer of goodness, texture, love, and light. You enrich my life and soothe my soul. Thank you for being my angel from heaven. An angel with the cutest chubby thighs and cheeks that I want to bite.
Love always and forever,
Noah 5 months
Noah 5 Months

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