Me and Wee: Children's Wall Art Print-Penguin & Polar Bear 8.5x11-Kid's Nursery Room Decor

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Children's Wall Art Print-Penguin & Polar Bear 8.5x11-Kid's Nursery Room Decor


Hi friends!
Today I'm showing you the last of my newest affordable art nursery prints. I'm already planning and brainstorming the next wave...if you have any animals you'd like to see be sure to leave a comment and I'll consider the idea in my next round of illustrations. I want to make the things YOU would like to see and have on your walls.
Now, on to this print:
Sam the Polar Bear and Silas the Penguin are best friends. They find themselves in all kinds of funny predicaments due to them being polar opposites! I think there will be more illustrations of them to come. In this little situation, Sam and Silas simply wanted to ride the seesaw together. What they didn't plan on, however, is the ride Silas got when Sam sat down. Whoops!

You can find the print and all the others at the MeandWee Etsy shop!





val said...

I don't know if you planned it like this but I totally picture an entire book when reading the description and then I thought about how great you would be at making a book!!

Megan said...

Thanks Val! That's my plan!

Suzanne said...

I'm leaning toward an owl/birdie theme if the baby is a girl, and a woodland creature theme if it's a I'd love to see owls and/or squirrels/chipmunks (since you're looking for suggestions :-) Didn't you do an illustration a long while ago of a squirrel reading a book? That would totally be perfect for a book corner!

Megan said...

Sue, great! I've been thinking about an owl print. I'll give it a go. I do have the squirrel print; I was considering updating it in my new style of drawing. I'll give that a go too. I love chipmunks too, so I'll have to come up with a cute scenario for them. And, I definitely would like to do something with a fox (speaking of woodland creatures). I have a few ideas up my sleeve for that one.

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