Me and Wee: 7 months

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

7 months

7 Months

Dearest Little N.,

Hi little Nut! Time is still flying by and you are now 7 perfect months old. No worries, you are still adorably squishy and warm and huggable and squeezable and all things nice.
I've been having such a wonderful time holding you and making you laugh. You're a smiler and a laugher and that makes things extra fun during the day; I can't get enough!
Let's see...not a ton of things are new in terms of updates on your growth. You are still rolling all around (you get around quite nicely now!) and you still don't have teeth (although you are drooling constantly and are forever gnawing on your fingers so they're on their way!).


You are continuing to babble and make lots of fun noises and squeals. You are also proving how strong you are by constantly grabbing at things and yanking chunks of my hair out at the root. Good times!


Your sister wasn't much of a grabber compared to you. Boy, we have to watch out around you! Poor Maren the Wonder Dog...her ears will never be the same I'm sure. I think it's proving that you are going to be quite the curious bird and plan on getting into lots of things. I'd better get ready! I need a nap just thinking about it.


What's that face for? You must be saying: "Nap? Sleep? Naw, I have plans. BIG plans and they don't involve sleep."
You outgrew your swaddle last week, so you've been learning to fall asleep with your arms free and the ability to roll around your crib. You've had a hard time with the transition, but I think we're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It's taken about a week so far, but I think you're finally in a place where you can get comfortable (on your side) and zonk out. Your naps were almost non-existent this past week and I was getting worried. But, now you seem to be getting back to normal. I can silence my "Serenity Now!!!" screams. At least when it comes to your napping issues anyway. Ha!

Noah, being your Mama has been such a deep joy. I'm so lucky you're mine. You are sweet, snuggly, happy and agreeable. You're so easy going and calm; I can take you anywhere and you just happily sit in your carseat as you watch the action. It's so refreshing! You'll be happy to know everyone stops to look at you and comment on how cute you are and you always give this coy little smile and hide your face. Don't deny it, you love it. And you should. You won't be a baby forever, but you'll ALWAYS be my little fella.
I love you more than the universe my little boo-bear. Not a minute goes by where I don't marvel at the miracle that is you. I love every second I'm with you and am so honored by the gift of your smiles and coos. I'm a better person with each one. I'm so proud of the wonderful little man you are and please know that you're special no matter what. I love you always and forever.


EFamily said...

Gosh, he is such a cute little fella who is so lucky to have a mama as thoughtful, sweet and loving as YOU!! Your letters always make me tear up. I wish my mom had written letters like this to me. A gift so sweet there is no replacement, no amount of money and no amount of love that will stand the test of time like these letters. Your children will always have these to remember you by. Oh, it takes my breathe away.

Lor said...

I LOVE the last photo... How cute!

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