Me and Wee: It's all coming together

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's all coming together

Christmas is coming! Along with all the shopping and preparations (and eating sugar cookies like they are being discontinued) I've been on a roll with creating more work. I need to also do a post soon for Noah...his 22 and 23 months have happened and he'll be 2 next month! (waaaaaaahhhh!). I'm overwhelmed by this and feel like if I don't write the post then he'll stay little. No more babies. Paige is already talking about her fifth birthday coming in April and I'm clinging to Noah's last bits of baby stage like water in the desert. I'm trying to make lots of little movie clips of his mannerisms so I can have them to remember and reflect on. I'm trying not to get melancholy about his growing; but some days are harder than others. *sigh* I'm working to soak in every special moment, hug, snuggle, sloppy kiss and giggle. It's the marrow of life, right?

On to the work!
Speaking of babies; here is a card for the baby-just-born:
Hey Baby card
I tried to make this baby look gender neutral using colors that aren't too specific. I used gouache as the paint, colored pencil and collaged the imagery together. Fun!

Here's an encouragement card for someone going through a rough patch of some kind:

Hang in there card

I think it's nice to give these kinds of cards because they are usually a nice surprise and it's always nice to know someone is thinking of you and remembering you during a hard time when you tend to feel most alone. These are the kinds of gestures that can really make a difference for someone else. The sloth is pretty silly; and I thought it brings a lighthearted smile to someone who needs one.

This next piece is a redone version of my Hunter Boots print. I wasn't satisfied with the old one, so I've revisited the concept with my new style and I feel better about it.
Hunter Wellies
This was created using gouache, pencil, and collaged lace.

I redid my popular canary on a camera print in my new style as well (I'm offering both a 5x7 and an 8x10 size). I used gouache, colored pencil and collage for this one as well.
Camera Canary

I'm enjoying my time in the studio and figuring out how to best balance being a mother and an artist. Every day is something different but I'm learning many lessons. The morning light is an especially peaceful moment where I look around and see beauty even in my dirty paint water.
morning painting

Snag the new work in my shop if you want!


Lynne said...

Hi Megan ! I love your work !!!! So gorgeous ! I can't wait to check out your shop.

PS. I am ADDICTED to my hunter boots. Can I even say that? LOL.

I love love love your art.

With love from a fellow blogger,
Lynne from Design The Life You Want to Live xx

Unknown said...

Hi Lynne! Thanks so much for your kind words!I wear my Hunters almost everyday lately! I have new work coming out soon so I hope you'll check back in; enjoy your week!!

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