Me and Wee: Noah turned 2

Monday, February 3, 2014

Noah turned 2

Dear Little N.,

On January 14th you turned 2! I tried to hide from it; but you can't fight time, can you? After a weekend celebrating with family, we celebrated your actual special day with just us...your Mom, Dad, sister Paige and little Maren the Wonder Dog.

You sure figured out the whole "present-opening" thing! You went from one thing to the next yelling "Open pwease!" Once you opened each gift you would desperately want us to take the item out of its packaging. Let's just say Daddy was pretty tired after all was said and done.

Your sister even got involved; helping you when she could and playing with your new toys much to your chagrin.

 I must admit, they ARE cool toys. Even I got to play with most of them. Your favorites seemed to be the Eeboo stacking block tower set and the Black and Decker workbench/tool set.

After you opened your gifts we enjoyed some birthday cupcakes where you had a good time blowing out your own candles.

It was such a precious day. My heart was swelled so full of love for you as I watched you scuttle around to all your new toys and shriek with excitement. I can't believe you are already two.
Little man, you are my sidekick, my buddy, my pal, and my little sweetie-pie. I'll never tire of your cuddles and hugs. Even if I get exsasperated every time you yell "Mummy!" 100 times in a quick row I will never tire of hearing it. I appreciate you. I love you. I think you are the cat's meow.
Love Always,

P.S. Speaking of "the cat's meow," whenever we ask you the sound any animal makes you say "Me-ooooowww?"  and then you laugh hysterically. Such a sense of humor you have. sigh


val said...

such sweet, sweet pictures! Love the him with the tool workbench and that last one. I seem to have good luck grabbing great captures with Z in the counter chair as well :)

Sapphire said...

Aww, Happy Birthday Little Man! You are really growing into a handsome little boy! It is wonderful to see all the big boy things you can do now!

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