Me and Wee: Golden hour

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Golden hour


evening glow

 They say the golden hour to take photos is right as the sun is going down. I would agree! It's best right when the rays of sun have disappeared and the residual light is still there. I decided to do a mini photo shoot of Noah the other day playing with rocks around the Bleeding Hearts shrub.
Things I wanted to remember: Noah's chubby and huge feet, how his pants are a bit too small and they fall over the butt of his diaper Bieber-style (it's only ok because Noah is a baby), how he found an old mitten of Paige's and decided to wear it like an oven mitt all evening, and the way he was so pensive as he moved rocks from one garden bed to another. My sweet boy.

peace in the garden



Noah finds a pebble


Lor said...

This is SOOO cute! I love the photos and the pink accessory - how original!
Aw and you are so lucky to have a garden...!!!

Megan @Me and Wee said...

Thanks Lor!!! :)

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