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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nursery Planning

Hi there! Now it's time to talk about some other fun stuff: the nursery! I guess you could say I've spent a lot of time over the past several years plotting and planning and seeing what it is I like out there for nurseries. I've managed to pull together imagery and swatches of the things I like the most and here I will show you what we've rounded up so far for Little P. My worries about purchasing for baby are obviously over now. I'm not going to live life like something is going to go wrong anymore. I spent too much time doing that and I'm OVER IT. We won't be starting to put the room together until after the holidays. I'd love to have started sooner since I'm impatient; but it's hard with the holidays here. Weekends are too busy what with all the preparations and hooplah. It will be something nice to work on when the holidays end and it's just plain cold and miserable outside.
That being said, my goal for the nursery is to be cheerful, friendly, modern, and functional. After great deliberation, I've decided on the wall paint color: a pale green-blue which I like a lot against white as the trim. We'll call it a seafoam sort of color. I'm not sure how it looks on your screen since it will vary, but I think you get the general idea. My idea for the accent colors for the accessories in the room is a bright sunshine yellow.
Onto the first actual item: The CRIB! Chris' parents were incredibly generous to gift us the crib...they are too sweet and we really, really appreciate it. I wanted to go with a "modern" look for the nursery and it fits the bill and then some! This is the Classic crib in birch by Oeuf.We did not get the changing station pictured here. We plan to put a changing pad on a dresser.
The next item: The crib bedding. I was on the lookout for something with the perfect shade of yellow and for something that wasn't TOO cutesy. I found this set and loved it...and after a bit of time it went on sale for 50% off and I decided to go for it. It's by NurseryWorks and can be found here, but not sure how long it will still be there! I've also included an inspiration photo that came out in Domino Magazine last month that shows the crib I selected (although that one is in walnut finish...but close enough) with the bedding I ordered in it.
All the next items I've ordered have nothing to do with necessity and are strictly decorative because I'm nuts like that. But just so you know, we will be ordering the dresser from Ikea in January...and I plan to do some serious home craftiwork on it. As I'd mentioned, it will hold the changing pad on top. I'll be sure to post when the time comes. We also have an upholsetered rocker that I'd scored years ago at Salvation Army for 9 bucks that is in perfect condition...I am having custom slipcovers made for it in yellow with white piping as it's currently a vomit shade of green (suitable for the era the chair came from but a little too "vomit-y" for me at this point).
Onto the un-necessary items that I have ordered so far:
The Dachshund Lamp: A not too bright glow for evenings/nights and
our dog is a dachshund so it seemed fitting. It's a lot bigger in person than I thought it was. But it's cool by me.The next item is a mobile to go over the crib. I wanted something simple, classic, and decorative. I thought it would be nice to be able to have something I could hang in my office later on and this fit the bill to a T. It's called the Bamboo Birds Mobile and is made of *gasp* Bamboo and is laser cut.
And for the next item: the rug. I didn't want the room to be too much about yellow...I feel it's always nice to have a counter-balance to a theme. This brings in the Dream Menagerie Rug from Anthropologie.
I really liked the rug a lot and decided that it will go well in the room and can grow with the baby. It's not something that will need to be replaced. And it she ever wants something else, I'll move it into my office...I'm always thinking of other uses for what I purchase and am trying to avoid getting things that I won't be able to use later on.

Here is another totally decorative purchase: the
rattan elephant hamper. Because I admit I wanted one for myself and said "hey, it will be perfect in the baby's room anyway" I decided to go for it.

And for the latest decorative purchase: this Melamine Zoo Tray by Shinzi Katoh. I plan to use it in the nursery biggest thought is to hang it on the wall as art. It's pretty small...about the size of a sheet of paper. Perhaps I'll lean it up on a shelf. The writing reads: Who is the biggest animal in the zoo? I loved the shade of yellow and the illustrative style is right on for what I'd been looking for in terms of wall art. I plan to find more vintage-y things like this to clip up on the walls in shades of yellow, oranges, dark greens, aquas, and red here and there.Speaking of those colors I had to show you this pillow I LOVE. The Denyse Schmidt Green Penny Pillow. No, I probably won't order it. But I think it would be great on the rocking chair and make a nice statement in the room:So! That's where we are at so far. The dresser project will take place in January sometime and I plan to design some prints/wall art of my own for the walls. I'll be sure to post photos of our progress and before/after pictures when we're finished. Sorry for the long post. I hope you enjoyed my virtual "inspiration board" for the nursery. I'm looking forward to getting started with it and hope it has given you an idea or two for your own decorative planning!


Anonymous said...

What a cool room! I like all of your choices. I noticed the ceiling in the inspiration room had stripes. Are you going to tackle that? I can't imagine how hard that would be to accomplish. I've done both even and uneven techniques on the walls and that was challenging enough for. me.

Thanks for sharing.
Jan from Unique Baby Nursery Themes, Crib Bedding and Decorating Ideas.

Unknown said...

Hi Jan!
Thanks! I'm excited to see how it comes together.
No stripes for me. Too challenging for us and I guess not the look I'm after. But I love it in the inspiration room. It's very cool looking.

alicia said...

ohhh sooo fun! I love the yellow! I am all about bold primary colors! Can't wait to see it all up! I lvoe that mobile, I will have to check that web-site out some more :)

Bespoke Letterpress Boutique said...

Oh your room sounds beautiful! I can hear the sounds of laughter and joy from your little one already!!

Poppy Letterpress said...

Oh, now I'm feeling bad for not having any ideas for our baby's room yet! Clean, bright and airy... but haven't yet started looking for inspiration. This post was a good start.

Amanda said...

I love your nursery! Can you tell me the name and company of the color you used on the walls? Is it no- or low-VOC paint? That color looks so beautiful with the yellow accents, and it could be gender-neutral.

Unknown said...

Hi Amanda:
The paint color is from Benjamin Moore and it's #618 called "Robin's Nest." I'm unsure about the VOC issue. I believe it's safe, but you'd have to check into it. My husband painted the room and I never noticed any fumes.

Jolie said...

Excellent post.!! Lots of room d├ęcor inspirations are here. Impressed with your decorative purchases. That rattan elephant hamper from Home Decorators is my favorite one.

Anonymous said...

I realize I am a few years late on your blog post, but I am considering the dream menagerie rug for a gender-neutral room. I have looked at it online but is it more "girly" in person? In your opinion, do you think it would work for a gender-neutral nursery? thanks for your help.

Unknown said...

Hi there! Hmm. That's a tough question. I would have to say it looks more girly in person. The colors lend themselves to feel more feminine overall. It COULD work for a boy, but it does have a feminine feel to the rug. It also is very thin and "slippery"...easy to trip up on. We ended up returning ours. Good luck!

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