Me and Wee: Dear Little P.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear Little P.

Dear Little P,
You are 8 weeks old! You've had a busy two months of living so far! Phew! It's no wonder you are napping in your bouncy chair right now. All that growing and observing and takes a lot out of a girl. (I would mention all the poo-ing in that list, but it's definitely implied!!) This month you've gotten strong enough to keep your head steady when I hold you up on my shoulder. You like to pull back and look around at everything. You are quite fascinated by flowers: paintings of them, photos of them, drawings of them, ACTUAL seem to love the colors. You also enjoy looking at your little board books while you are sitting in your bouncy chair. I hold up the pictures and read to you and you smile and gurgle with glee. It's so sweet! You've also changed formula this month which meant less gas, more comfort, less spit up and lots more sleep! It's been a real winner. You had a hard time in your 6th fussed and cried all the time and it was really hard for me to comfort you. But you sailed through going in like a lion and out, well, less like a lamb and more like a puma. Maybe not as big as a lion but still feisty. And you don't hear about pumas every day so I had to add it in.
Now that you are 8 weeks we have been having great days! Your napping has stabilized into nice 2-hour bits. Thanks to your Miracle Blanket! Swaddling has been the best sleep solution for you and now you can't slap yourself in the face while you sleep! Sometimes it's more like an hour, but so much better than the tiny naps you used to have! That's the time Mama runs around like crazy to: get dressed, clean your bottles, eat meals and do some laundry or light housekeeping before you need me to feed you or soothe you back to sleep with a little shushing and a tummy rub. It's also the time I write my blog posts and take the dog out to pee. I know Maren likes to lick your feet...sorry about that. I try to keep her from doing it but she always finds a way to sneak in there. I guess you'll have to get used to it! When you are awake you enjoy eating and you are so content when doing so. You also enjoy your play time after each meal...brightly looking around at the world and soaking it all in with your little shrieks of excitement.
In other news, you have been getting much bigger, chubbier, cuter (if that's possible) and much more responsive. You focus on things and look at us...your smiles of recognition light my life! You love to gurgle with glee over so many little delights and it reminds me to take time out to enjoy little tiny pleasures. I'm so lucky to get to make you smile and be a part of your day. It's what I've been put here to do! I hope you feel safe and happy here with us. I hope you feel the confidence I have gained since the beginning of your life and that you know I love you soooo much every moment of every day. As I stare down at you as you peacefully sleep, I'm still amazed that I'm a mother. I'm YOUR mother. And there's nothing else in the world I'd rather be.
Love you always and always,
P.S. You are soooo close to sleeping through the night! If you could do us a favor and throw Mama and Daddy a bone with that one...perhaps a raise in your allowance is in your future??

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alicia said...

yay 2months old! so crazy how fast it went hey? i love the miracle blanket too, soo awesome! how long is she sleeping at night?

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