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Monday, December 7, 2009

Contact info

Hi there!
I've been pretty hesitant to include a contact email with this blog; but I've decided to take the plunge. I've included it at the top of the right sidebar for your convenience. If you'd like to contact us personally, feel free to send an email to:
I will do my best to respond in a speedy fashion!
And I now have clean laundry to dispense; so off I go!


Home Sweet Home Place said...

Yay! I think I tried responding to your comments a bunch but now I know you probably didn't get them. Sad! BTW did you design the header on your blog?

Megan said...

Darn! I get comments if you write in the "comment" section. I'm notified via email of someone leaves a comment. But, I haven't linked any sort of email to my account for responses. I didn't know I could do that for blogger. As for my header, the wonderful Lyndsay from Beautify My Blog did it a while back. You can find her at
As a designer, I should have done it myself but just got lazy and wanted something specific that she already had ready to go. :) Instant gratification!

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