Me and Wee: Tree and Wee 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tree and Wee 2009

Christmas Tree 2009

This weekend we put up our Christmas tree. As a married couple, we've never had a tree. Each year we ponder it over and decide it isn't worth the hassle. That, and we are always traveling here and there during the week before and the week of Christmas. Sure, we'd put out a candle (maybe) and perhaps a wreath. But I just never really got into the spirit of things (in terms of decorating) to make an effort. This year was much the same way...again, we wouldn't be around much come Christmas day. But, late in the game, I started to get this feeling inside...this voice saying that this was the year to begin. That if I want to teach Paige the importance of this holiday, then we need to begin now. It started with putting out a few decorations I'd had stored away...sequined wreaths and a candle. Then I ordered a kiddie nativity set. Before you know it, we decided to get a tree and break out all the decor and ornaments we had. This is Paige's first Christmas and I want to show how festive it is. I'm so glad we did!
Saturday, in the late afternoon, we broke out the Egg Nog and hot chocolate and set to work. Paige helped put the very first ornament on the tree...her first one which is a picture of her and the phrase "First Christmas, Paige 2009." It brought tears to my eyes to be honest...I still can't believe she is here with us and celebrating such a special holiday. In our household, we celebrate Christianity. Chris is Catholic and I am non-denominational Christian. Christmas time is a wonderful chance for us to celebrate the birth of our Savior and celebrate His special day and I look forward to teaching Paige all about it. We also look forward to teaching her about all different religions and to have an understanding and appreciation and respect for all of them.
Anyway, Paige truly enjoys the tree and inspecting the shiny ornaments and twinkling lights. There's a magic in her eyes as she takes it all in. It's like she knows that we are celebrating the One who blessed us with her. I give thanks every day, but just this one time a year we get to really go all out to show it. I'm so happy we did.

Here is Paige putting on her first ornament (well, she helped anyway)
The First Ornament
Paige's first ornament

Here, Paige is enjoying the ornaments as I point them out
Enjoying the Tree

Here is Maren and Chris...she wanted to get in on the fun too
Maren enjoys the tree

Here, I am singing Silent Night to Paige as she was about to go to bed. Chris caught it with the camera.
Tree and Wee

And here's our Elf, Little P, enjoying the lights before bedtime
Tree Elf


Home Sweet Home Place said...

The tree is BEAUTIFUL! I love the red ribbon. I might have to steal that idea! hahha I think you are the only person who believes in as many lights on the xmas tree as me! Love it!

Stephanie said...

Such a beautiful tree! And I love that ornament with Paige's picture in it. Precious.

Meladie said...

Lights on a Christmas Tree in the dark is so soothing and peaceful.

I know Paige is too little right now but right around 2 years old it is fun to purchase the "Elf on a Shelf" kit which comes with the elf and a book all about it. You can even purchase a skirt for the elf off to make the elf a girl. You do this with your kids every year starting after Thanksgiving and it is so much fun. I've been told by other moms that they and their children had full conversations with the Elf and that it was as much fun as Christmas morning but that it lasted the whole month of December. They really enjoyed it.

alicia said...

what a great tree!!! looks like paige loves it!

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