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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hi friends!
I hope you had a lovely weekend and Father's Day! We went to our local Strawberry Festival...a town fair with craft booths and food. It was fun! Paige enjoyed meeting all kinds of new people and her Daddy threw her into the air for some extra fun. She's been working hard at her walking skills and now toddles around the house every chance she gets. She's in serious drunken sailor mode (hoo-ray and up! she rises)...I'm singing that drunken sailor she stumbles and sways all around. She's forever stopping to stoop down and pick something up and get on with her travels. It's more than entertaining for me. I just stay out of the way and watch her work her magic. It's been really hot here, so we are trying to stay cool despite the fact our air conditioning isn't working (thanks to a dead chip in the furnace). It should be fixed within the week or so. I see some time at the pond and at the water table in our future. Although that would be the case regardless! She's a water-lover and cannot get enough of splashing and "swimming." A good excuse to put in a pool in a few years if we play our cards right. In other news I'm anxiously waiting for UPS to come with my new Canon 10-22 lens that my husband got me for my birthday. I'll be 32 in mid-July and he wanted me to have some time to practice with the lens before we go on all our summery adventures. I can't argue with that! So, next you can expect to see some ultra-wide-angle shots and experiments! I'd read one reviewer said that he put the camera within 10 inches of someone's face and he could still get THEIR FEET in the shot. Isn't that neat? That is, if you are looking for shots that have that effect. I'm forever wishing I could get more of the landscape in my scenic shots and this should be the answer I'm looking for.
Be well, friends. I hope you are enjoying your summer (all of one day of it so far) and that you get a chance to slow down and enjoy the littlest things.



over the shoulder




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Beautify My Blog said...

She's so gorgeous! I love her seersucker pants!
(signed in as my design self)

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