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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


oil and water

Hi friends!
It is quiet here today. It's very humid and my feet are sticking to the floor. Gross.
I made this fun little oil and water mixture (with blue food coloring too) for Paige to play with. She has been enjoying shaking the bottle and rolling it around. Good thing she doesn't know how to remove caps yet. I read you can use superglue to fasten it on if need be.
It's fun to put the bottle in the tub or water table and watch it roll around too.
I'm so enjoying my time with Little P these days. I always have, but there's just something about her walking that makes it so much more fun. And all the more tiring. I went to bed last night at 8 o'clock! We're up everyday at 5:30 am (not MY choice, mind you!) and I'm someone who loves/needs a lot of sleep. I must admit, there's something comforting about falling asleep during dusk. My eyelids get heavy as I stare at the blue light coming from the window and I am reminded of my childhood bedtime when I used to fall asleep looking at that same light...after busy days of playing outside and making magic of my own for hours on end. I remember feeling so safe and peaceful when I saw that light peeking into my room. There's something about that blue light. And maybe that's why I made my blue bottle of water and oil today?

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