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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home Inspiration

Hi there!
That last post had some great responses! It's interesting to see what others thought about the article. In light of that, I wanted to share this blog post from Meg at Sew Liberated. In it, she shares how she has set up her home for her newly walking little one. She has set it up according to Montessori methods and it seems much more homey and relatable, eh? (I'm not one for the EC method in regards to toileting, but I really found the rest of her setup inspirational). I love how she has the little extra space for the play kitchen. He must love playing in there! What do you think of Meg's toddler setup?


Kristi said...

oh my gosh that is soooo cute! i definitely love that idea better than the other one! one thing that stood out to me is the book sling and rocker! i love that! i think if you do anything from that post for your home, that is a must, because from the looks of it, paige loves to read! i also love the idea of the nature corner thing. it seems like once it really gets set up, it will be a great addition to their home!

Anonymous said...

I don't know, a little too precious, you know?

I'm not a big fan of Montessori, homeschooling or unschooling etc. But to each his own. We all have to do what we feel is best for our kids (and our family).

Lauren of Purestyle Home had an interesting post on how kids enter your life not vice versa. I'm a big fan of that philosophy as well. When I look back at my own (very happy) childhood I see that everything was not centered around me but rather the entire family. We played in a rec room, set up Barbie villages outside with other kids, played tag, Freedom, kickball without the intervention of our mom. She did some things with us but mostly it was "go play".

When I get worried that I'm not doing enough for my I giving him the right foods? enough food? is he stimulated enough? etc, etc, etc, I think back to my own simple childhood and relax a bit.

Sorry, I don't want a nature corner (we live in gorgeous S. CA and there's plenty of nature outside) I don't want a potty in the living room (toilets belong in bathrooms). The book idea is cute...saw a similar idea on Southern Exposure (blog)...Rachel made a book trough for her daughter (from wood)so she can see all the books facing out. Definitely an idea I like!

You sound like a good mom Megan...I enjoy reading your blog more than the ones you mention...somthing about keeping it real appeals to me:)


Laurie said...

I have to say that reading Lisa's interview was very strange and the sterile pictures match her words...this home, however, shows a sense of playfulness and fun, two concepts missing in Lisa's interview and pictures...I've never heard of children not being exposed to childrens' books and I've been a school psychologist for over 20 years, with two grown children! I don't want to sound overly critical, but Lisa's implication (of course) is that her son is so brilliant that he is able to grasp concepts such as those proposed by Charles Darwin. The sad effect of this kind of interview is that her words are misleading to other parents whose kids are more interested in reading about trucks, bugs, or puppies! ALL kids need to be exposed to well written childrens' books, even those who may have superior intelligence!!!

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