Me and Wee: Summertime

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Togus Sunset

Hi friends!
I'm sorry for being gone so long! We spent a full week up at Togus Pond in Augusta, Maine...we rented my Mom's cousin's camp. It was wonderful! It was also extra special because Paige got to play in the waters where I learned to swim, MY mother learned, HER mother learned, and I bet even HER mother learned. So, we continued a tradition.

Swimming with Mama

There's something so wonderful about going back to your place of childhood fun. I have many warm and happy memories of summer days spent at that pond. There's a certain feeling of coming home. We spent the week swimming, reading, relaxing, chasing Paige around the yard, and just pondering in general. I also turned 32 on July 14th which found us being visited by my parents and my brother later on in the day. It was also a tiring week; spending time in a new place with a wily and quick toddler can wear you thin. But, I knew it would be like that and was happy to relax during her naps! I have so many fun things to share with you this week! First, I'll end this post by showing you a barrage of images from our trip.


lotion at bedtime

blowing bubbles

Relaxing with Daddy

Playing with Maren the dog

View from dock

View from lawn


Exploring Nature

Loving Grampa

Loving Nana

Togus Sunset


...just beachy in the burbs said...

Your little one is such a cutie pie and look at you looking all fab in your bathing suit! I'm so jealous of your post-baby body (I feel like I'm still pregnant 9 months later). Your photos are beautiful and so glad to hear you had a wonderful trip!

alicia said...

wow, looks like an amazing time! I have always wanted to go to maine.

lynn said...

Hi there! Is the cabin you stayed at rentable (is that a word:)? to the public? Were on the Seacost in NH and have been toying with looking into renting a house for a week or so? Thanks for any information!

Anonymous said...

I was curious where you purchased the blue shirt with the flowers? I REALLY like it :)
Thank you

Megan said...

Hi Lynn!
I'm sorry, the camp is not rentable to the public. She made an exception and let me rent; as I am family. A great place to find good vacation rentals is at (vacation rentals by owner) You can search by country, state, and region. It has lots of pictures, reviews, etc.

Megan said...

Hi Katie,
That was a one-piece swimsuit for Paige we got at a local boutique in Concord, MA. The label on it says "Banana Cabana". There's also a reference on the label to "Plum Pudding" based out of LA. Hope that helps! :)

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