Me and Wee: 16 months

Monday, August 30, 2010

16 months

Dear Little P.,

Did you know, you are my little treasure? I must tell you this a million times per day, but it's no less true. In the wee hours of the morning, when you are sitting in my lap having your milk, I like to kiss the top of your head and nuzzle my nose in your soft wispy hair. I like to breathe in the scent of your shampoo from your bath the night before. Your hair kind of sticks to my lips and I press my cheek against your head while I think about how precious you are to me. This makes the early morning something I can deal with!
You've been so busy this past month! Learning, growing, dancing, exploring. You joined Gymboree and enjoy going to the class each week. And I'M in love with the free open gym there so you can go run your little legs off in the afternoons on rainy days. You've been learning to climb there; as well as how to get down stairs/places of height on your own. It's such good practice! We've also just put a fence in so you can run and explore our yard without worrying about the danger of the road or predatory animals from the woods (hello Mr. Fox and Mr. Coyote!) and Maren the Wonder Dog can run and play freely with you without getting tangled up. I think every time we are outside she is in ecstasy now. You are enjoying your play house out there...opening and closing the shutters and doors and cabinets while you run around making busy work for yourself. It is my great joy to watch you play and exist in your world. Your attention span isn't what it used to be; although I read this is normal for your age. But, we manage to sneak in some reading time here and there through the day despite your interest in running off after 2 pages. That's ok. You have many important things to accomplish!
15 months was a great wonderous time, and now it is sailing into the past. Welcome to 16 months, my sweet pea, what wonderful things will we encounter this month?

I always have your smile; such a wonderful gift. My treasure, I love you more than the sun, moon and stars.
Love you forever and always,

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Carolyn said...

That is the sweetest picture of the two of you!

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