Me and Wee: Many faces

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Many faces

Hi friends!
For those of you who have been following along with Paige's morning sleep chronicles, here is my latest update. It's going well! She's making it to nap time at about 12:15 or 12:30. She's usually up around 2:30 or 2:15 or so. But, she's never ready to go to bed 4 hours after that, so we just stick with 7:00pm for being in bed by. Knock on wood, she's been typically getting up at 6:15AM as the average. MUCH better than 5:15 or 5:30, right? Every minute counts darnit! I'm thrilled with the results so far. Now, I'm working on introducing more activities during the day that will tire her out.

screamy screamo

(Isn't that photo hilarious? She was walking around shrieking as loudly as she could at the moment)

As I was saying, I want to tire her out more during the day. Now that she's walking so steadily I figured now was the time to try out a Gymboree class. She loved it! Paige runs around that place like a wild woman, trying out all the climbing stuff and getting into everything. She certainly isn't interested in the "class" part of it...the circle time and such...but she loves the music, bubbles, and playing on the equipment. I'm looking forward to seeing her have fun there and also enjoying the open gym times they offer. Great for indoor play when it's raining or cold!
I also have a membership for her at the gym where she can use the pool with me. It's another great way to kill a chunk of time while tiring her out. (Although I think I'M the one getting more tired out).

I thought you only wanted to tire ME out!!!??????

And..... we have a picket fence going up around our yard...I'm so excited to be able to let Maren the Wonder Dog out to run freely (no more stupid doggie run where she gets tangled or pushes her toy out of reach) and Paige can zip around without me having to worry about her running to the road or any number of dangerous "treats." I dream of being able to sit in a chair to watch her play. Because I'm a lazy bastard. C'mon, you know what I mean. Chasing her away from the street or the front steps of doom become pretty boring AND tiring after the 100th time and a girl needs to sit every once in a while, right? Again, my goal is to tire HER out, not ME. I'm tired enough for all of us anyway. So, there's a few days left until the fence is done, but now there's a rainstorm from hell blowing through for most of this week so we shall see! It doesn't rain most of the summer, and when it finally does, it's right when I'm most excited for this fence. Not that we're going to be playing out in the rain anyway so I guess it doesn't matter, does it? Indoor playing here we come! I'll stop rambling now and wish you a great start to your week!!! I hope all is well with YOU!


Meladie said...

That's great news regarding the sleep situation. Do you also plan on trying to push the nap time back by 10 or 15 min chunks each week to see if you can get her to rise at 7am? I guess I'm just wondering if that would work. I realize it would have to take place over several weeks just doing a little at a time but finally getting her nap to 1pm and leaving her bed time the same might get you close to 7am. I wonder this because that's the schedule my little niece and nephew are on. Nap @ 1pm just after lunch is over and bed time is 7:30pm and they always get up between 7am and 7:30am.

Megan said...

Thanks! Yes, that's the plan...hopefully! She just can't go past 12:15 without either passing out in the high chair or having a huge meltdown because she's so exhausted. I hope to get the nap to 1:00 eventually as I can push it in that direction. She was up at 6 today. We're getting closer; but I think that later nap time will be the key. :)

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