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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Treasured Moments

Hi friends!
I'm sorry I've been away! Time goes so quickly and I don't realize how much time has passed since the last post. I'll expand on this in my next post, but I've eliminated the television from our daily routine as of this past Tuesday. (a challenging task for an addict like myself) Just finished the second full day of "no tv with Paige" and it's going fine. What I DO want to mention now is that it is already making me notice all the beautiful little moments we have together and all the simple things that make me smile. I thought I'd comment on them from time to time so that I have a record of them.
Treasured Moment today (1):
After Paige went to bed, I was in my closet and noticed Chris' laundry basket sitting there. Filled with freshly laundered whites...socks and undershirts. I saw Paige's little bikini bathing suit bottoms; BRIGHT pink and orange plaid, sitting on top of the clothes. She had "helped" me do the laundry by putting her clean suit where she thought it belonged. I paused and smiled as I thought of her helpful spirit wanting to contribute. It's little surprises like that during the day that make me smile. A book in an unexpected place--a random toy under the bed...evidence that a little one was there. Lucky. Lucky. Lucky. We are lucky. I remember it and treasure it.

Treasured Moment today (2):
I was feeding Paige her lunch and she only had a few bites of this and that before her head suddenly just slumped to the side with her eyes shut. I panicked and thought she choked or passed out. I poked her and she looked at me and smiled, babbling feverishly. Her eyes then sort of blinked slowly and she shut them again. She fell asleep right there! She's NEVER done that before and she'd shown NO signs of being tired before that. I decided lunch was over for that moment, brought her up for an early-ish nap and instantly and deeply fell asleep in her bed once I settled her in. I guess she was tired, but she's just never instantly sort of passed out like that before. It's like someone did the Vulcan pinch thingie. She went on to have a typical 2.25 hour nap and woke in a happy mood. I can laugh now, but sheesh!

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