Me and Wee: Treasured Moments

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Treasured Moments

Treasured Moment:
Last week, Paige was playing with her stacking rings. We have the wooden Ikea version (see HERE).
She's never really done anything with them except to carry around various rings and clack them together. The hole in the center of each ring is pretty small and they are the same on all the rings. The center peg is pretty narrow...basically a stick. Well, she finally figured out how to get the rings onto the peg after months of struggle. After the first, she shocked herself and excitedly put on the second...then so forth until she finished putting them on. (not in any particular order of course). I was so excited for her that I clapped and said "yaaaaaaaay!!!!". She smiled and shrieked with pleasure that she'd completed this task by herself. She practiced through the day and when DADDY!!!! came home she sat on the floor and put all the rings on the peg. She then excitedly turned to me with the biggest/widest smile and clapped her hands. She then quickly whirled her head the other way to look at Chris and clapped again. She flashed him the same excited smile...a look on her face that looked proud and almost in disbelief that she'd finally done it and we'd BOTH seen it. She looked like she'd just gotten the BEST GIFT EVERRRRR!!!! Well, after we all clapped and cheered she decided to empty the peg and do it maybe 5 more times in a row. All the while, looking exuberant after each pass. I'll never forget the excited look of pride on her face in that moment and the way she whirled her head from left to right to look at me and then Chris. *sigh*

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Lor said...

I love it when they do that!! It is soo cute it brings tears to my eyes.

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