Me and Wee: 19 Months

Sunday, November 28, 2010

19 Months

Dear Little P.,

Today you turned 19 months old! What a special time for you!
For the past week or two I've seen you really starting to come into your own as you start to show more sides to your personality... less of a baby and more of a kid. You love to roughhouse and wrestle with Daddy and to be picked up and dangled by your feet. You love to be held up in the air and tickled. That laugh you make is so robust and full; it's surely my most favorite sound! You've started running up to me out of nowhere and flapping your hand at me...waving hello...and then running away after I happily say "Hiiii!!!". Your hugs have become so vibrant since you now seem to enjoy a running start before flinging yourself into us head-first. And every once in a while, if you are in the mood and I ask if I can have one, you will pucker up and give me a wet sloppy baby kiss right on the lips. My heart melts every time.


You've continued to demonstrate your love of music with drumming on everything in sight, dancing and twirling to music, and humming/mimicking singing when a song is playing. We've finished up your Music Together class and we need to decide whether or not to continue that particular class. You certainly seem to love it; but you also love the social aspect since you mostly run around to all the other people in there and sit in their laps out of the blue. You warm the hearts of those around you; that is a gift.


This past month you've discovered a love of coloring with chalk and crayons on your easel. I think you love the satisfying sounds they make on the paper/chalkboard. I must admit, I love those sounds too! It's so much fun to watch you discover the different colors and shapes that come from your hands. There's so much more to come from the art world! Just you wait!

And finally, you've found that you love to wash your hands in the bathroom sink. You pull up your step stool and stand begging for me to fill the basin with water. You rub your hands and fingers together as we sing the hand-washing cute! And I let you splash for a little bit extra time just for the fun of it.

We got you a Learning Tower (basically a fancy step stool that keeps you from falling), which enables you to see what we are doing in the kitchen and help out. You helped assemble it (well, Daddy assembled it and let you turn a screw with the Allen Wrench a few times) and then stood on it at the kitchen sink.


We let you wash some plastic dishes and it was a HUGE hit!


It kept you quite busy for some time and it was great to see you so happy and engaged. Just wait until we start letting you stir food and help us with the things we are making! Your tower will allow you to be in the action and I'm looking forward to showing you how things work.


All in all, it's been a busy month of discovery for you. You've been really taking time to find what makes yourself happy and content. I can see you starting to blossom and I love who you are. What a blessing! Not only do I love you more than the universe...I like you so darned much. You're fun and such a treat to be around...I couldn't ask for a better sidekick. So thank you. Keep finding joy in the little things because that is what makes life great. You've blessed me with YOUR greatness and for that I am humbled and grateful every day.
Love you always and forever,


EFamily said...

I love your sweet letters to Little P. They remind me to be greatful for my blessing!

the sleepy time gal said...

she's the same age as my twin girls!!!! hooray!

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