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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Play Kitchen





Here is her new play apron made from vintage 50's fabric. I got it from Etsy seller Gagie Pagie Pudding Pie (appropriately named I think!!). You can see it on her in the photo below the text in this post.

Hi there!
I thought I'd take this chance to show you the new play kitchen that Paige's grandparents gifted her for Christmas. Most of her gifts from us were kitchen-related. She's a little young yet to fully do the whole "pretend" thing, but she's starting. I figure she will keep growing into it. For now, she likes to lift the sink out and throw toys down underneath to hide them. She also will stir her imagined soup in the pot. She keeps pushing the burner buttons on and off while also pouring with her little metal tea kettle. This particular play kitchen is from Ikea and seemed to be the most affordable option out there and I also happened to aesthetically like it the best. It has everything I thought a play kitchen should...including little burners that light up. There's plenty of storage and the simple design matches many decors. Another cool thing is that the legs adjust and it can raise up even higher when she is older. Yay! As you can see, I added hooks to the sides to store cleaning implements and her apron/kitchen cloth. I wanted to install actual metal fixtures for this, but it felt like overkill when the time came to set it up. The simple hooks are functional and easy and are also removable since they are that sticky pull-off material. As my bloggie friend Lor mentioned in the comments in an earlier post, the magnets that hold the cabinets shut are VERY strong. Paige has a hard time opening them; so a few layers of masking tape over them allows for the magnets to work much more gently. When she's older I can just remove the tape. Easy-peasy! So, that's the play kitchen "review." We love it!




Erin Walsh said...

I love the paint color in your playroom! What is it?

Unknown said...

Thanks! It's Benjamin Moore's "Fresh Cut Grass". It's bright!

Nikole said...

I love that she always has necklaces on now. It always gives me a big smile. I bet our girls would get along beautifully. :) So sweet. She will definitely grow into this one. {love}

Lor said...

Ooh I'm so proud you mentioned me in this post!
It is so cute to see these photos of Paige while my Violette has the same kitchen here in Paris. She is a bit older and totally into the pretend thing : now she wants us to sit at a small table next to her and pretend to be in a restaurant... except that apparently we cannot AT ALL choose what to order (she does).

We have entirely removed the grey elements at the bottom - which will allow the kitchen to grow with her later - since she had a hard time using the top shelf/oven. You might not need to do it, but it is also an option.
Although younger, Paige looks like she is the same size!

Unknown said...

Lor, thanks! :) Paige is very tall for her age. She seems to tower over all the other kids that are her age! I'm considering removing the bottoms so that she can reach the microwave...right now she can reach into it but has a hard time.

Nikole: I bet they would get along too! T could show her the ropes! And she loves her necklaces. She's always seeking them out first thing. The other day she was running around in pants but no shirt. And she ran and put on her necklaces and looked very tribal. :)Chris came home and started laughing at her new "look."

i'm heidi. said...

Was googling my blog when I stumbled upon yours . . . fun stuff and an adorable playroom!

It's always fun to see a sweet little one in one of my aprons (I've just two little boys at home).

Thanks so very much for the "shout out." I'll definitely be back for another visit.

Jocelyn said...

Where is this play kitchen from ?

Unknown said...

It's from Ikea...

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