Me and Wee: Big Girl Bed!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Girl Bed!

wow my bed

Hi friends!

A week and a half ago Paige left her babyhood behind and began sleeping in a big-girl bed in her new big girl room. I was given the advice to start her in a big bed sooner than later so she doesn't feel competition with the baby. This made sense to me, so we went ahead and did it.
We excitedly ordered the furniture when she was with us at the store; she seemed to like climbing up onto the bed and looking around from up "high."
We got to work back home and replaced the ugly carpet in the room with oak wood flooring to match her old room. After much deliberation, we decided to paint the room the same color as her old one. I was gonna do a melon/orangey pink color but it just didn't feel right.
Anyhoo, the day the bed was delivered was quite exciting and she took ownership right away. She kept saying "big girl room!" and "my bed!". We'd talked about getting her new room for quite a while so I know she was ready for it. A few days later, when it was time for her to sleep in her bed for the first time, Chris took her crib apart. Before he did, we had Paige go in the room and say "thank you" for being such a good crib and to say "bye bye." She patted the crib and said "bye bye" and "thank you." She also gave it a kiss, which made my throat tighten. We explained that it's a baby's bed and she's not a baby anymore so it had to go to a baby who needed it (of course, we are keeping it and storing it for the next baby).
saying bye bye

After her goodbyes, I took her downstairs and Chris hid the crib in our closet. When she came back up to get ready for bed, she went in the old room and noticed the crib was gone and looked puzzled. I said "remember? crib had to go to baby's house!" and she said "oh" and sort of shrugged and went about her evening like nothing happened. This was a nice trick for her to visually see that the crib was no longer an option for sleeping. We went about our normal routine; just in her new room instead. She was thrilled to sleep in her new room and she slept great! I was terrified she'd keep getting up or would cry, etc. but she just fell asleep like normal. Phew! Another milestone under her belt (and mine). I'll admit, I cried a little bit. But I'm so proud of our girl. She's taking all these changes in stride and that's a huge deal. Hooray!

dancing owl
"Owl is in the tree!!!!"



alicia said...

love it! you are so talented with room design :)

Lor said...

Wow, what a room, what a bed! No wonder she loves it!!

Unknown said...

Glad to know it went smoothly for you. We've got to switch over to a big girl bed sometime soon and I've been dreading it. Although not as much as getting rid of the paci!

lillian said...

congrats on everything--the pregnancy, the new room, the growth and improvements in P from the therapy.

and love the bedding and bed--details?

Cynthia said...

Wow, that is such a beautiful big girl bed! Go Paige!!!! I will have to remember that tactic for when my son transitions to a big boy bed.

Anonymous said...

I love the bedding! Where is it from?

Kat said...

Yay, Paige! That bedspread is adorable.

Lor said...

I was also wondering where you got the bedspread...

Sarah said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!! So exciting!!

I've been following your blog since coming across Paige's nursery on was such an inspiration for my little girl's nursery. We actually used the crib bedding that matches Paige's new big girl bedding and I LOVE it. Can't wait to see how the room comes along.

Anonymous said...

I also found your blog through Ohdeedoh, and have been wondering exactly what the seagrass paper for the dresser is, where you found it, and whether you were able to buy a small quantity to paper just those four drawers. I'd really appreciate the info!

And congrats on the big-girl bed!


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