Me and Wee: A moment

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A moment

Dear Little P,

The other day you were having a hard time taking a nap. Eventually, I climbed into your bed and said "Let's snuggle." You came right over and put your little body against me. You fit right into the curve of my body with your head tucked neatly under my chin. I could feel your soft hair brushing against my cheek and I could smell your shampoo from the night before. It was so nice to hold you like that, even just for a little while. Later, you sort of shimmied up the bed while I tried to nap. Your face was now right against mine; I could feel your warm cheek against mine. You kept moving around. But I felt like I was being watched; so I opened my eyes. I saw your round shining liquid blue eyes peering at me from only a few inches away. You had been studying my face as I'd tried to sleep. You looked right into my eyes from sooooo close. I noticed you had such an amused grin at being able to see me from such a vantage point. I closed my eyes again to let you observe some more and felt your warm breath against my nose and cheeks. Being studied so closely made me feel like laughing. I opened my eyes again to see you with the biggest grin ever. Your cheeks were drawn up into perfect little apples and I could see all of your teeth. I laughed out loud and you responded with the sweetest little belly laugh. We went on to laugh and giggle together just looking at each other in the eyes. And you said "Silly Billy!!" So I gave you a kiss on the cheek. You never did nap that day, but instead, we had one of my favorite moments as a mother so far. Thank you for it. I love you always and forever, my little sweetie.


Katie said...

P is so sweet.

Home Sweet Home Place said...

So sweet! You know, I think we would be pals if we knew e/o in real life! All the best to you, Paige and Wee 2.0. You gonna find out the sex?!?!?

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