Thursday, November 8, 2012

A snowball in the hand...

I looked outside and saw we got the snow that had been predicted. Ugh. *grumble*  I heard Paige chattering away in her room so I went on in. When she noticed it had snowed she about passed out with excitement. "IT SNOWWWWWWED!" she yelled. She did a little dance and said: "Let's go play in it! We can play in it! Riiiiight? Right! Yeah, we can do all kinds of things in the snow. Let's go Mommy!" She ran away and down the stairs. I grabbed a now awake Noah from his crib and down we went. I managed to explain she had to have breakfast first before we do anything and she wolfed down her oatmeal like it was nothing. I didn't want to go outside at all. AT ALL. I hate the cold (and I grew up in Maine!). I tried to think up a worthy excuse as to why we couldn't. (Too early, we had to get ready for school, Noah was too little to go, etc.) 
But she looked so darn excited, I just couldn't break her little heart. I knew they wouldn't be playing outside at preschool later, and I also knew that rain was on the way.
Time to seize the moment!
I looked down and she was pulling on her boots (over her jammies). Hold on, I told her. 20 minutes and a fresh outfit for her later, I was getting her decked out in her winter gear (annoying!) and then had to get Noah into  HIS winter gear.(more annoying!) And then I had to get into MY winter gear. (I hadn't even eaten breakfast yet, but we were on a MISSION people!) After the fresh hell of getting everyone into the gear (hats, mittens, snowpants, coats, boots, etc. etc.) I popped Noah in his carseat/bucket seat and also covered him in a blanket. Paige ran outside and said "We're HERE!!! It SNOWED!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" She ran all around and threw herself onto the ground with abandon to make her first snow angel of the season. She proceeded to make at least 10 of them all over the place. She instructed me to start the snowman and to "let her know if I needed her help" (Ha!). After all that, we went around to the front of the house to wait for her preschool bus (I'd luckily managed to sneak in making her lunch and getting her bag ready). We then went sledding down the driveway (no worries, we aren't on a real road) several times. More snow angels, snowballs, and eating of snow....and then the bus came.
Paige was smiling and began excitedly telling the driver about all the exciting things she'd just done. Paige was breathless and shaking with excitement while her gorgeous eyes twinkled.

I'm so glad I said yes.

I said yes to sledding,snowman, and snow angels all before school. Phew!


Sapphire said...

Those are the memories she will remember - special time with her Mama in the snow before school.

Lor said...

Precious moments!!

Lor said...

(I love the description of the "fresh hell" of getting everyone ready. I HATE these moments when we just want to go and have a mini-trip to a park in Paris and end up going out ONE HOUR later, just to get dressed and pack a few diapers, biscuits and other "in case" things.)

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