Me and Wee: 14 Months

Friday, March 22, 2013

14 Months


Dear Little N,

I'm so late with your 14 month letter. Booo. I was away that day...I was off in Florida having "me time". I flew down and stayed with a friend and had a nice time just being in the warm sunshine. It was so heavenly and much needed!
I missed you so much though. I knew you were having fun with Daddy so I didn't worry. But I still missed our snuggles.
The biggest milestone happened for you this past month! You learned to walk and it was so exciting. It happened sort of suddenly. You would just take a step or two and fall and you did that for a few days (here and there.) Then, you just started to go across the room and that was it.
I'm so proud!
You've started to bring me things that you are interested in; it's so sweet. You've also started pointing at everything and grunting to communicate what you want. You are very clear in your intentions! Paige never did this, so I'm thrilled for you that communication is not something you will struggle with. And I'm glad I don't have to worry.
Right now, you're favorite game is when I say "I'm gonna get-choo!" and I wiggle my fingers and pretend to chase you. You can't run yet, but you get the biggest grin and try to waddle away as fast as you can. You stick your chest and neck right out as you try to scurry away. I let you get a way a little while and then I finally tickle you as you scream in delight. We'll do that over and over again  (because I love to see you laugh and because you seem to love the game so much!)
You've started loving to go outside now that you can walk. It's pretty wet, muddy and snowy here so you've been walking around the driveway and street (we live on a dead-end traffic-less street) exploring the puddles (sitting in them) and touching the rocks. Remind me that I need to invest in some rain pants for you. Sitting in winter puddles gets cold.
All in all it's been a huge milestone month for you, buddy. Seeing the joy on your face as you make new discoveries has been a priceless treat. I'm so honored that I've been able to witness so many special moments for you so far.
I love you more than the world my little bear. And I'm ever so proud of you.
Love you always,






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Lor said...

Oh, I had missed that post. How cute! Valentine also tries to run away fast, but she WANTS to get tickled so she just grins and let us catch her.
And she loves sitting in puddles too!

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