Me and Wee: 31 weeks

Sunday, March 1, 2009

31 weeks

31 weeks
Hi friends!
Happy Monday! We are in the midst of a fun snowstorm here and are due for up to 16 inches of snow. Wee! That's sarcasm there folks. But, it's ok; I expect snow. It's still winter after all. I always assume there will be snow until April...that way, if it melts and stays gone I can be pleasantly surprised. We're now at 31 weeks and feeling good! Chris took these photos of me over the weekend before we went out to run errands. I couldn't resist making cheesy faces in some of them like the one below where I'm talking to Little P. like she can see me. You never know, she COULD have x-ray vision. She IS our little super-hero miracle after all. I used to joke with my former co-worker Anna that if I ever had a kid I'd name him/her "Greatest American Hero" (joking about the over-the-top weird names some people give their kids.) Do you remember that show? It was an American tv show that aired from 1981-1983 and has re-runs all the time. It showcased the theme song "Believe it or Not"...which I sing to the baby frequently, but Chris does not know this. I'll be showering and belting out "Believe it or Not IIIII'm walkin' on aiiiirr, I never thought I could feel so freeeeeeeeee! Flying away on a wing and a prayer!!!! Whoooooo could it beeeeee? Believe it or's just meeeeee!"
Anyway, the idea of naming my kid Greatest American Hero always cracked me up. I dreamed of yelling the name on the playground or in the home in scolding, like "Greatest American Hero...Eat Your Peas!!!!! or when their name would be announced at graduation. People would say: That must be some great kid!
I'm joking of course, and yes, you had to be there to get the comedic effect. Please don't mock the pregnant lady.

31 Weeks kitch


alicia said...

ahh great pics! so cute! haha you are funny with the greatest anmerican hero thing!haha I bet that will end up being her nickname!

good thoughts said...

Looking Good Mama! Won't be long before your last 9 weeks are up! :) It is very surreal to get to the end of the road and be in the "any time zone". :) Enjoyed catching up on your last posts - I love the book Little P - I believe the same author has a book about called Little Hoot as well about an owl who wants to go to bed but his parents won't let him. Very charming. It might not be the same author, I can't remember, but it's equally as sweet.

Nikole said...

You are looking so lovely! And that nursery is so gorgeous, I can hardly stand it. What a lucky baby - on all accounts!

In regards to the comment by good thoughts, yes, the book "Little Hoot" is so sweet - it's my fave, and by the same author.

Can Uckan Yuksel said...

I have read your posts to several forums and read about cornual pregnancy.I am a CP patient right now in Turkey. I hoep the best for you and your baby.I had thought that you will have a magnificient baby when I first read your detailed posts on families forum.god bless you all:) I'll send you my blog link when I update(you inspired me to write on my untouched blog)my blog about what I've been passed through.I also liked your graphic designs as I am a product designer, too.loves, Can

Cassie said...

It's funny how TV theme songs are so embedded in our memory. I find myself rocking my baby while singing the theme songs to Cheers and Golden Girls. It works.

I can't remember the lyrics to a lullaby to save my life.

I loved the Greatest American Hero and his goofy crash landings.

J Claire said...

You did a fabulous job on the nursery! You just missed the pregnancy picture contest, but I have a nursery picture contest that is current where you could enter that beautiful room. It would be a big help to mothers looking for cute room ideas.

You can see some of the entries from our earlier contest here
I hope that you'll consider it! Jan

Through My Lens said...

Where did you get the beautiful bird mobile?

Megan said...

Through My Lens:
The bird mobile came from:

Under the decor section is a mobile section and it's in there. Lots of great ones to pick from!

jon and nicole said...

Hi! I just love what you have done with the baby's room, it's amazing and I have been slightly obsessed with it! I am expecting a boy in July and am searching for ideas! Great job! Where did you get that necklace you are wearing? It's super cute!

Best of luck to you!

Megan said...

Thanks Jon and Nicole!
The necklace is from Anthropologie.
:) Thanks for your comment!

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