Me and Wee: It's Getting Interesting

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Getting Interesting

kitchen towel
Hi friends!
First, I wanted to show you this cool kitchen towel I found at Anthropologie, here. It's all embroidered and I would never actually use it in the kitchen for fear of getting it dirty. I loved the colors and the design, so it is now draped over the back of the rocking chair in the nursery so it can be enjoyed. I love finding random little things I like and trying to find an alternate use for them if I don't want them to get dirty or ruined. :)
Onto my story. Let me first say this: Everything is fine and great. Little P is just fine as am I and all is ducky.
So, on Wednesday night I awoke at around 2:00 am (as per usual) with Braxton Hicks contractions here and there. No biggie since it's almost every night that this happens. I was in a sleepy fog and just ignored them. Well, by 3:00 I kept waking up and noticed that there seemed to be a pattern happening...and...hey!...OUCH!...they started to hurt. Like a gripping menstrual cramp. That's when my eyes popped open and I owlishly started staring at my watch. When I realized there seemed to be 10 minute intervals in between I woke my husband up to tell him about it and I tiptoed out of the room with my pillow. I wanted to go lay on the couch where there was plenty of light so I could focus on the task at hand without bothering Chris. Of course, I knew he'd be concerned and likely unable to get back to sleep...but I also knew better than to NOT tell him. I had 2 more painful contractions that lasted 1 minute each and were 10 minutes apart. I got lost in a show I'd recorded by then and realized I hadn't had any more for a half an hour. They disappeared completely soon after that. Phew! I had my non-stress test later that day, so I knew to mention the episode then.
Later in the day, at the hospital for my NST, I told the nurse of my ordeal as she strapped me up to the monitors. The baby seemed to be doing just fine and she asked me a few routine questions and all went great. She came back in about 40 minutes later and said "you know, the contractions could also be from a bladder infection or kidney infection...some blood and protein were found in your urine." What? I hadn't felt any symptoms of those things, so I was confused. I got really nervous and told her about my genetic disorder, Nail Patella Syndrome, and how there's a risk of renal complications for someone like me especially during pregnancy. She left the room and came back with a vial and drew some blood as they'd decided to check my kidney function thoroughly. She told me that they wouldn't let me leave until the lab came back with the results. I also had to give another urine sample. In the end, the results came back normal, but with trace amounts of blood in the urine and no protein. The doctor looked concerned but said it could have come from the contractions the night before and he told me to try and not worry. But they'd keep an eye on it going forward. He also recommended I see a Nephrologist after my pregnancy (a kidney specialist). So, it's on the list of doctors to see once this is all over. (I need to see an Orthopedist for my horrible hip tendonitis issues as well). And I won't even go into detail about the root canal I'm supposed to have as soon as possible after delivery. *SIGH*
Anyhoo, I'm now chugging water and keeping my feet up. The doctor said he would consider letting the contractions go and let things happen if I was 34 weeks or past but it's still a little too soon. This surprised me. And he said ideally he'd like me to hold on for another 4 weeks at least. I want to get Little P as fully grown in there as possible so I'm doing what I can to stay relaxed and am taking it as easy as possible. But this is certainly starting to get interesting!!! It's notable that my Mom gave birth to my older brother during her 34th week. (her water had broken) That is next week for me. That makes everything seem all the more real and imminent! I should note my brother had a nice birth weight and was jaundiced but otherwise was ok. He went home after a few days in the incubator. This helps me with my worry as I hope to not have a baby born sick and struggling. So, that's the latest story...The End. All is well and now I am sucking down a chocolate milkshake with wild abandon as my after-lunch treat. Every good story needs a happy little ending, right?


alicia said...

ohh that is scary!! I am glad it turned out all ok, and glad you have some follow up appointments with some Dr's! you must have been so nervous though! hang in there little p, you need to fatten up a bit more :)

The Kanter's said...

Oh you are so adorable! I first came upon your blog after seeing your nursery on ohdeedoh, what an amazing room you have created for your wee one! My husband and I are expecting our little boy real soon (I'm being induced on the 25th, my 39th week) and have had my share of pains, ups and downs during my pregnancy. I'm glad yours is going well!

Anyways, my blog is private, but if you ever get bored (you know from all the bed rest, because I know that I was) you can email me (Hillary :)) at
Have a great day!

Erin said...

I've quietly followed your story since finding your letterpress blag a few years back. I wanted to write to let you know I had my son at 33 1/2 weeks and he was in great health. He was in the NICU for 10 days, and in an incubator for about 7 of those, but his health was fine. He is now 17 months old and running around our house talking up a storm.
Giving birth early is definitely scary and never in the plan (I didn't even have a bag packed!), but I wanted you to hear a happy story to help lift your spirits.
I think the best thing to do is keep the feet up and the milkshakes flowing. :)

Cathy said...

I have two of the Anthro towels that I am reluctant to use. Adding them to the nursery is a great idea (your nursery is lovely). And I can personally attest that chocolate milkshakes are essential for those final weeks... Hope all is going well!

Heather said...

Good luck with everything. I'm sure little Wee will be just fine. These last few weeks are a little stressful, aren't they? But so exciting!

Loved the dishtowel. I gave a similar one to my mom recently, and I think she'll find another use for it as well. It would be a cute pillow wouldn't it?

Loved your adorable nursery btw. I came upon it on the ohdeeoh site.

Have fun, and enjoy the shake!

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