Me and Wee: Fall

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Hi friends!
Today we got to enjoy a bit of extra-warm weather! It's supposed to go back to being chilly tomorrow, so we took advantage and spent much of the afternoon playing on the lawn outside our house. The leaves are at peak foliage so Paige was captivated with the treetops. I had to throw in a photo of Maren snuggling with her beloved rubber bone. It used to be covered in tennis ball fuzz, but she ripped it all off. I think she'd marry this toy if she could; but she settles for snuggling it in the evenings. I was happy to finally capture a photo of it!

Fall lounging
Paige in fall
Maren Snuggles


Lor said...

She is such a cutie!!
(And the dog too)

Rachel Esther said...

What a perfect pout Paige has! just gorgeous!

Montanna said...

She has beautiful eyes! And I love your shoes that are in the first picture! <3

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