Me and Wee: Happy Paige

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Paige

I'm so sorry I've been away for so long! Ugh. Time keeps getting away from me. Paige has erupted into nightly screams and tantrums at bedtime and sporadically through the I've been spending more time during the days trying to nap when she's sleeping and thus no blogging. I think I have the answer to her night earlier bedtime...which is what we will institute tonight. I'd promised to show you some pics of Paige at her birthday party...I don't want to show the pictures of many others at the party to protect their privacy but I thought a few would be ok. I'll be back tomorrow with a comment or two about Mother's Day. I just called my Mom a little while ago to wish her a happy day and my mind is swirling with all the wonderful things we did together while I was growing up. She gave me a wonderful childhood...a gift that will always keep giving. I love you Mom.
And...onto the pictures!

Here is Paige in her "birthday hat". I got her to wear it just long enough to take a picture.
Birthday Hat

Here is Little P with her Uncle Jason (my brother).
Uncle and Niece

Here is Paige's Nana (my Mom) reading her a new birthday book
Nana and Paige

Here everyone is singing Happy Birthday to Paige as she get's her "cake."

To our surprise she wasn't really into eating the cupcake; but liked playing with it and clapping.

Had to get Mom and Dad in there!
Birthday Girl

Godmommy Sue helped Paige enjoy her frosting...

All the kids and Daddy helped Paige with her gifts...I had that phone when I was a baby!
Chatter Phone

My Mom gave Paige this Fisher Price "camera" and it's been a huge hit. She LOVES it (it plays songs and flashes a light).
New Camera

Daddy read Paige all her birthday cards. She liked's like story time!

Here I am opening a gift for was a beautiful frame for a birthday photo to go in.

I hope you enjoyed these little moments from Paige's special day; I think she had fun even though she'll never remember it. She'll have the photos to look back on and know that she was surrounded by love that day and all the days in before and after.


Meladie said...

Hi Megan,

Awesome photos of Paige's 1st birthday! What a great celebration!

Not 100% sure if this relates to your situation but on another mommy site I keep up with they just had an entry about midnight tantrums and waking up in the middle of night. You might want to consider giving this blog a look. There's lot of advice and tips and tricks on this site.

alicia said...

ahh looks like it was a super fun day!!! sorry about the night wakings!!! that must suck :(

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