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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Birthday Details

Birthday "cake"
Hi friends! Whew! Things have been busy around here! We had Paige's first birthday party on Saturday with mostly immediate family. It was great! I figured I'd show you, in this post, a few of the decoration details. There wasn't really a "theme" to the party...just more of a look with the colors turquoise, yellow and pale orange. We set up a table that had most of the details in play...which ended up being covered with all kinds of platters of food but I got a few pictures at the beginning before we finished the set up with all the stuff so that I could show you. I was really inspired by this post by Sharilyn over at LovelyDesign. She put out her cupcake flag template for use, so I opened it up in Adobe Illustrator and changed the colors and used the design for Paige's cupcake flags, the Happy Birthday banner flags, and the flags on the invitation. Thanks to her we had the look of the party underway! I found the "poms" over at Etsy at PomLove found here. They weren't too hard to put together, but my father did 2 of them. He was much better at it than me! I'll be back soon to show a few pics of Paige enjoying her party and thanks to all who came and made it special for her and for all the kind comments from our awesome blog friends!


cupcake tower and cookies


I printed the banner flags on Crane's Lettra paper (on my inkjet printer), cut them out, and attached them with colorful plastic brads I found at the craft store. I was going to sew a fancy bunting, but I realized it was a bigger time commitment than I had to spare so I made the paper one instead. Much quicker!
banner detail


drinks on a hot day



paper straws

Here is the table before we put all the food on it.

before all the food


l o v e l y d e s i g n said...

wow, they look great! I am happy that you were able to update the colours on your own in Illustrator - smart lady! Everything looks fantastic, I hope that you all (and Paige especially) had a wonderful day.

Home Sweet Home Place said...

Looks fantastic! Good work!! Looks like a lot of fun and it looks like the weather cooperated as well! Yay!

Thankful said...

Wow! Your designs and creations are always inspiring. What a lucky girl to have such a talented mommy!

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