Me and Wee: New Year

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year

curtain play
Paige's cousin gave her some cool new boots, which are a hit!

Hi friends!
Well, we've been sick with colds again here. As per usual it seems!!! It's been an exhausting start to the new year! What with colds, appointments, plans and rest for the weary!
I've been reading up on lots of blogs; exploring what resolutions everyone is deciding to tackle and whatnot. I never can get on board with resolutions because they usually equal pressure. And we all know I hate that. Anyway, Chris and I have been wanting to have "date nights" more regularly (I can't remember when our last one was?) and schedule them twice per month if we can. So, we've just booked two nights out of this month with our lovely babysitter and we're so excited to make plans to get out. We want to go to the movies and we'd like to luxuriate in a meal that we don't have to rush through. We spend a lot of quality time together as a family, but I think it's important to reconnect as a couple to remember we're more than parents. Once the month is over, we'll sit down with a calendar and figure out our 2 days for February...that way I have a jump on contacting the babysitter well in advance. It's more likely to happen if you book it far in advance, right? It's just as important as a doctor, dentist, or other appointment we all tend to make sure and keep...if not MORE so. SO, that's our "resolution" for this year and I'm excited about it.
In other news, Paige seems to finally be starting to pick up some words here and there. She's a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to talking; but it's better late than never, eh? We've recently found out that she needs a lot of specific sensory motor play in order to focus and pay attention better and we already see a big difference in her speech development. To aid in her focus, we've continued to keep the TV off, and now *gulp* the radio, and *super gulp* the internet. Chris and I indulge in those things after P is in bed. Again, these measures are seemingly making a big impact in her development in just a short amount of time. We're excited for her. Life is easier when there's some communicating going on! Perhaps I'll share some of our fun sensory games here in this space from time to time? I'm all about sharing, as you know. Feel free to share some of your ideas with me too!
Well, I can hear her mumbling now from her crib which signals the end of nap (and my internet time!). Be well, and I hope to post more frequently here in this new year. But we won't call that a resolution, ok?

new boots


MG said...

I'm in the midst of the "find a babysitter so we can have a date before the second one is born and it's been over a year since our last date anyway" scramble. Finding someone to trust with your baby is nerve-wracking.

I'd be very interested to hear more about some of the specific activities that engage and encourage a little one's focus - I wonder and marvel all the time about how these little ones' brains develop, and what effect technology has on them. I guess it's the former teacher in me. If I think of any ideas/games I'll post another comment. Thanks for sharing this part of P's journey.

Finally, where on earth did you find that sweater she's wearing? It's so cozy and lovely and wintry!

EFamily said...

Pagie's outfit is adorable! Love it!

The two dates a month is a great idea! I'm currently newly married only 7 months now and I set up a rule that one a month my Hubbs has to plan a date for us soup to nuts and once a month I have to plan a date for us soup to nuts. With one rule: Dinner and a movie doesn't count because that's the default date if and when we have time. This encourages us to be more creative and honestly, when you are forced into thinking a little outside the box you'll be amazed at what you come up with!

For January: Hubbs planned a trip to the Art Musuem to see a special exhibit they have on display for only a short period of time and then dinner and I planned brought us a 2 hour class at a fly trapezee place and dinner aftewards. How's that for creativity!

Unknown said...

MG, I hear you! Finding a sitter to trust with a baby is hard. One of Chris' coworkers volunteered to babysit her in the past and she was great! She used to be a nurse and also used to work at a daycare so it was a win-win. I would search the local daycares to see if one of the workers wants some extra cash doing some babysitting. Just a thought. I'll be sure to share some of the little activities we'll be doing...they are all physical and provide deep skin sensory stimulation. Some help get her excited and some help calm and soothe her, depending on what is needed at that time. As for her sweater, thanks! It's a find from TJ Maxx. They have such a great baby/toddler clothing section with big brand names for very little money. This sweater was 12 bucks! And it's one of her nicest. They tend to have very trendy "hip" clothing selections there as well, which makes it fun shopping.
EFamily: Thanks for sharing your ideas! Good for you being so proactive!! I love those date ideas and am very impressed...I admire the creativity and determination!! :) Awesome!

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