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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A studio of one's own


 I mentioned in yesterday's post that my sister-in-law Denise came and took some branding pictures of me and my studio space. You can see the pictures in the "About Me" link at the top of this blog underneath the photo of me painting. I love my studio space in this new house...I have room to move around, lots of natural light, HEAT (I used to work in the basement at my old house), and atmosphere with all my decor how I want it. My painting desk is actually our old kitchen/dining room table. I need a lot of surface area for my supplies while I paint. We found the table at a local discount furniture store. There's an area not pictured where I have my computer, printer, and all my production stuff (paper cutters, adhesive machine, card scorer, and cutting mat) organized.  I also have a kitchenette where there is a sink and cabinets for storage and cleanup. Having a designated area to be creative and comfortable really makes a difference in my productivity and outlook. If you can find the space, I highly recommend creating a little nook (at least!) that is just yours where you can organize and put all your favorite things together in one spot. It feels good to have a spot of your own!






1 comment :

val said...

great photos! Love the close up of all the cute inspiring details in the room :)

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