Me and Wee: Becoming a Catholic

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Becoming a Catholic


Have I told you that I've been working on becoming a Catholic? It's true. Chris is a devout Catholic and the kids have been baptized Catholic. I grew up Christian, but without a religion in specific. And that's been fine by me. I've forged my own relationship with God and have found so much peace and comfort through Him on my own. But over the past several years I've found myself wondering about my purpose. What am I here to do? What are my gifts and talents for? What is the plan for my life? These are mysteries we all live with but the questions have been tugging at my soul. I felt such unrest! I kept thinking maybe I needed a new job, or a new house, or a change of scenery. I never felt all the way fulfilled. But after a particularly hard day, I realized that I was missing a stronger relationship with God…the kind that comes through a community of others who share and celebrate the same beliefs. I spent the better part of a year or more researching religions and reading everything I could about different faith groups, their traditions and histories.
I realized, after my research, that your faith is what you make it. And that has made all the difference. So, I decided to join the family in celebrating within the Catholic faith. I've been learning about it for well over a year now and I will be Baptized, take my first Communion, and have my Confirmation at the Easter Vigil Mass this year. I'm so excited about it! I'm looking forward to ways I can share my gifts and talents with others and my children through Ministry. I'm so curious to know how God wants me to help others in the best way. I'm praying about it and know an answer will come in time. I have plenty to do in the meantime!
I must say, I've come to really appreciate and respect people and all their different beliefs. It is fascinating to see so many people looking for ways to make it peacefully and purposefully through the lives they've been given. I even have several atheist friends who have their own ways of finding special meaning in their days here. I'm so happy we have the freedom to believe how we would like to. We can care for one another no matter what our beliefs and that is a special privilege. I'm hoping to share more about how my faith journey has been changing my life for the better.

Here is Cardinal Sean O'Malley declaring us Elects.

Here's Chris and Me at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston for the Rite of Election.


Lynda Q. said...

Check out if you haven't already. Great blog from a former atheist turned Catholic. Congratulations!

Lauren said...

Congratulations! I'm very happy with my Lutheran faith, but like you, I do believe that faith is what you make of it. :) I think it's awesome that you and your husband will be able to share in the same faith and in turn, share that with your kids.

Unknown said...

Lynda, thank you so much! I checked out that blog and it's so great! Thank you for sharing it!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Megan! We Catholics are a nutty bunch, but in a good way ;) Welcome to the family!

Erin McCall said...

Sorry Megan - last comment I was logged in as my husband! Oops!

Kris said...

Hi Megan! Just found your blog! Congrats on finding what was 'missing'.
~Cricket Acres Studio

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