Me and Wee: Corners of my home

Friday, September 26, 2014

Corners of my home

I realize that we've lived here in this "new to us" house  for just over a year now and I haven't shared any of the rooms! They are quite lived in and seem impossible to keep clean these days (2 kids and a dog equals Clutter McClutter). On a day that the rooms happened to look cleaned up (I think we had people coming over!?) I took a couple shots of the spaces. We are currently doing some tweaks in the kitchen, so I'll have more to show on that soon. We are also doing tweaks to the family room. But I'll show you what we have so far.

Paige's Room:
Big Girl Room

Girl's Bedroom

Noah's Room:
Big Boy Room

Big Boy Room

Our Kitchen area

Our family room (part of it!)

And this extra room is going to be fixed up to become the baby's nursery; I am brimming with ideas for his new space! I'll share more when it's set!

Nothing is perfect, but we are slowly making the spaces our own and I'll be sure to share more on that topic soon!!! :)


MrsV said...

Everything looks so awesome!! Such a gorgeous home! Can't wait to see what you do with baby #3's room :)

Lauren said...

Your house is beautiful!

Unknown said...

Thanks ladies!!!

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