Me and Wee: Pregnancy Nesting

Monday, September 29, 2014

Pregnancy Nesting

Chalkboard Accent Wall
One day I woke up and got the bug to make a change in the kitchen. So, I went out and got chalkboard paint and made an accent wall! (Probably much to Chris' chagrin). (He is still dealing with fixing some of my, ummmm, mistakes and trim smears). I tried though!!! I got all the cool vintage-y decorative items on the wall from Becky at Box 121 Antiques nearby in Groton, MA. As you can see, I added some chalk birdies and some chalk plants coming out of the glass mason jar.

Chalkboard Accent Wall

Kitchen Storage for stuff

And, we got a little refurbished dresser from Becky as well! I put it under our photo collage in the kitchen and it holds all our countertop clutter (i.e. catalogs, school papers, coupons, kids' drawings, markers, doo-dads and whatnots). I was so sick of looking at piles everywhere and am so glad to have a place to stash things I want to keep for a bit.

So those are some recent little changes that have helped make the space our own! :)

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