Me and Wee: Going to Disney on Ice!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Going to Disney on Ice!

My favorite part of this little family movie vlog is how Paige shows everything she packed in her purse. She's never used her purse before and she was so excited to go on this little excursion, she got it out and packed it with her "essentials." It's funny to hear her explanations about "what's in my bag." I'm sad that she will be six in April...time is going too fast! But, I have to say she is SO FUN to be with and she says the funniest things. Love that kiddo.


val said...

We're all on the edge of our seats: DID Paige find any money???!(Not sure if this comment is double-posting or not?)

Unknown said...

LOL!!! No, she found no money. :)

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