Me and Wee: Paige lost her first tooth!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Paige lost her first tooth!

Paige lost her first tooth today! #firsttooth #meandwee #milestones

Dear Little P,

You lost your first tooth two nights ago! (Sunday night, Feb. 22nd, 2015) We were finishing dinner (I was washing dishes) and you said "Mommy! Daddy! Help meeeeee!" and you thought your wiggly tooth broke. But, in fact, it had come out! I've NEVER seen you so excited. You ran around the house, dancing and hooting and hollering about your tooth and the fact the tooth fairy would be coming that night. You even said "This is the BEST day of my life!!!!!" I hugged you and told you how excited I was for you. I also made a little groan and said how you are growing so fast. And you know what you said? "Mommy, it's ok. I'm still your little girl!!!" and then you said "I still love and need you and Daddy!" Well that about melted my heart. You lost the tooth that happened to be the first tiny tooth that grew in your mouth as a little baby. It's bittersweet. (I will try not to cry now!)
I love you so much and am so proud of you. Here's to many more tooth fairy visits!
(she gave you a dollar in the little paper tooth pouch you made...a lot of money, but it's your first tooth, so I think she gives a bonus for that.)

I love you always and forever,

Here's a video of us calling my parents (you talking to Nana and Grampa) and telling them all about your tooth. Precious!!!

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