Me and Wee: Liam's One Month Birthday

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Liam's One Month Birthday

Noah is 1 month old

Dear Little Liam,

A little while back (on Feb. 11th!) you turned One Month old! You're now in your 6th week, so I'm sorry this is late!
You are the sweetest little fella! You eat, you sleep, you burp, you poop, and you peer all around. Such a champ! After a chunk of time where you were very fussy, your doctor came to the conclusion that you have reflux so you've started taking Zantac. We've seen improvement! You are also fussy from gas, so you are a gentle formula made to help with gas. And now, you are so much more happy and sleeping better during your naps.
At night, you've dropped your 10 o'clock feeding time (or thereabouts!) and go long stretches until the early morning hours. We've subscribed to the idea that we not run to you the second you make sounds...and usually, you will let out a yelp or two and go right back to sleep...learning to connect your sleep cycles. When you SCREAM and it doesn't let up, I know it's time for you to eat.
You've also started smiling a few days ago; and this is something I cannot get enough of. You light up like all the stars in the sky and you just make my day.
In other news, you went from 8.4 pounds at your first doctor checkup to 12.4 pounds at your one-month checkup! You've become quite round and plump much to the joy of everyone at the doctors' office. I'm happy you're round and plump, but boy, you are getting heavy!! I'm a lucky Mama...I'll carry you to the ends of the Earth and back no matter how heavy you are.
I will close this little message to let you know how thrilled I am you are here. You are such a love; a dream. I cannot imagine life without you in it and I'm so lucky to be your Mama. I love you so very much and I always will forever and ever.
I love you always,

Noah is 1 month old

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val said...

What a cutie! Can't believe six weeks already !!

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