Me and Wee: Aruba 2010!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Aruba 2010!


Hi friends!!
I'm sorry we've been missing...we went on vacation with Chris' parents last week to Aruba! Paige (and the rest of us) loved it! She did great on the plane rides (only crying before her naps). She really enjoyed the sand and the sights and of course the lazy river pool. She could have floated all day long in there! She didn't get seasick on our snorkeling sail one afternoon, rather, she enjoyed seeing the seagulls and relaxing on the lounge pads. She behaved nicely at all the restaurants at dinner and was just a sweetie to all the strangers who talked to her. I was a proud Mama! I'm bummed to be back in the cold winter chill, but am so thankful and happy to have such wonderful memories of Paige's very first big trip away! I'll be back in this space regularly this week and I hope you all are well. I'll share some photos below to help keep you warm too!

Sunset in Aruba

In the Shade
Beach Baby
Everybody in the pool!
Out to dinner!
Relaxing Sail
My Wine!!

Ruffle Butt

Lazy River


Airplane Ride


Mandi said...

cute pics! adorable blog!

sooo i stumbled upon your blog looking for nursery ideas and i was in love with yours (i figured id post here since the nursery post was so old) I was going to ask where you happened to find the yellow and white bedding. I have been looking all over and cant find anything this lovely! thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi Mandi!
It's a discontinued design (now) from NurseryWorks. It was called "Macaroni" in the color "canary." Perhaps that company has other things you'll like? Thanks for reading and for your kind words! :)

Mandi said...

Thanks! I finally took the time actually read this post all the way through. (I'm terrible) You give me new hope! I am pregnant with my first wee one and my husband and I are big on the travel scene. I was worried we would be out of commission for a few years but you make me think otherwise! thank you!

Jenna Eve said...

Another blurker! This looks like such a fun trip. HOw nice that your wee one was so happy there.

Home Sweet Home Place said...

Ok the trip looks amazing! I need to know where you got P's swimsuits. We leave for Hawaii next week and I can't find anything as cute!!

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