Me and Wee: The Sweater

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Sweater

Fun in my sweater!

Hooded Sweater

Over the holiday, Chris' sisters handed over a few bags of clothes that their little ladies have outgrown. Needless to say, this is a huge help to us and it's so fun to see all the cute little things get worn again. As I was going through the bag the other day, I pulled out and unfolded this soft cozy little sweater and it brought back a rush of feelings. We bought this sweater for my sister in law's soon-to-be-born baby while we were on our trip to Florence, Italy in October 2007. We found it at a quaint baby clothing boutique in a tiny little village just outside Florence...after checking out some ancient amphitheater ruins and its grounds. We were excited to be on this trip; and it was a life-long dream of mine to see Florence and all its art. We were also excited because I had just begun my second pregnancy and my mind was filled with all the possibilities of the future. I was tempted to buy a little something for MY little baby, but decided against it. Superstitious, I suppose. We found the sweater, fell in love, and purchased it for our niece who was born just two short days later. The next morning I woke up to heavy cramps, bleeding, and my second miscarriage of what would be 4 before Little P came to us. It was the last day of our trip and half of it was spent racing around to different hospitals through Florence. The story of THAT is here. Anyway, the soft sweater was enjoyed and and carefully folded and stored. This sweater has seen a lot! It's funny how a piece of cloth can bring about so many memories and emotions. But, life is a collection of these...moments and the props that are part of them that stay in our minds to form such clear pictures. To thrust forth such clear feelings. It was such a sad time, but amongst the loss came the blessing of life in our new niece and I DID get to see all of the treasures of the Renaissance...and shared them with my second little babe and my loving husband. A dream come true! The sweater is now out to be enjoyed once again; it warms my heart that Paige is here with us to wear it and remind us of life's miracles.

Sweater Detail



Talita said...

I love to read your blog, it gives me hope. After two miscarriages, I am half way on my pregnancy now, and anxious to met my little boy.
Happy new year to your beatiful family!

Stephanie said...

I went back and read your miscarriage story from Italy. So heartbreaking. But you truly have the best gift now, and how nice to have "new" clothes for Paige!

By the way, I was reading in your other blog that you went to Italy during your husband's sabbatical from work. It sounds very familiar to what's offered at my husband's place of employment. Does your husband work for a very large company that creates computer chips? If so, my husband works for the same company out here in CA! He still hasn't taken his even though he's worked there for almost 10 years...this is the year!

Megan said...

Stephanie! Yes! That's the company! :) Small world! :) Phew, he needs to get on that sabbatical! Don't want to lose it!! I guess he has less time to wait for the next one though! :) That's the good thing about waiting. We took a few trips during his sabbatical...both locally and we went to Italy for 4/5 days and then to Curacao for 10 days. We figured we'd rather rack up the debt for the trips and have the memories. This is my husband's 10th year at the company as well! :) 4 weeks vacay start this year too...yee haw!

Kate said...

I've been reading your blog since Little P's nursery was featured on Ohdeedoh and haven't ever commented until now. I just loved this story. I made the most adorable cloth baby shoes for my sister when she was pregnant with my nephew and my husband and I were having trouble conceiving a child ourselves. When I had my son about a year and a half later, she gave them back to me and I felt about the shoes much like you do about the sweater--so many memories in such a tiny package. Thank you for sharing this. I felt privileged to read it.

Amy said...

what a pretty little sweater!
You can keep it and use it in a memory quilt for her one day. I am keeping a few of my favorite things from my children and plan on making them quilts when they get older! THe back of the sweater would be perfect!

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