Me and Wee: Clothes!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hi friends!
I was perusing the Anthropologie website today during my "lunch hour" and saw this lovely outfit. I thought of how I could pull this off with a kid; which most outfits I see would never work. Although, the necklace would get ripped apart pretty quickly, huh?
Since having Paige, I've needed:
1. Easy to clean garments
2. Garments that have no stretchy V neck (unless I'm wearing a cami).
3. Scoop necks are out too.
4. I need long shirts
5. Delicate fabrics are out
6. Accessories? What are those again?

*sigh* I have so many beloved articles of clothing sitting in my closet from my office days. Many things are wool, silk, and cashmere...obviously all fit for the dry cleaner. I guess it doesn't matter since most of the pants don't even fit my new figure. Blahhh.
It's well worth the price, but I miss my old clothes.
The casual things I DO have...well...many things have to stand the test of Paige. She likes to pull down my v-necks or scoop necks while I hold her. While Chris enjoys this, I am modest and do not. Just the act of holding her pulls the neck down, much less her grabby little hands going exploring. Plus, now that I have a little more cushioning, I find that my pants don't cover me as well anymore so I need longer shirts to cover my butt. And of course, when she spits up, sneezes all over me, or some other such thing I need to be able to wash and dry the item in a snap. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find things that fit the bill. I've been doing ok so far, thanks to places like T.J. Maxx or Shade Clothing. It's hard to find whole outfits that are stylish and fit all my criteria. I guess I'll be selling a lot of my old stuff at the yard sale this spring. Could this be a chance for a fresh start and a new look? Hmmm. I'd better start saving my money! Where do you like to shop for stylish and easy things?


Teresa Meyer said...

Yet again, I feel like you've read my mind!! Just this morning I emptied my closet of all the items that a.) no longer fit or ever will fit b.) are not baby proof and c.) are too hoochie looking for a mom to wear. Yep, I have a pretty empty closet now.

Oh, and don't ya love spit up down the cleavage? Has that happened to you? Yick.

Home Sweet Home Place said...

Couldn't agree with what you said more. I don't know about you but my boobs just aren't the same since the whole pregnancy/breastfeeding thing so my clothes/bra/pants you name it don't fit.
One of my fav new places, aside from Anthro, is Boden - especially for spring! Lots of bright colors. Fun patterns AND they have cute baby/kid stuff.

Home Sweet Home Place said...

One more thing - at least you guys have purged your closets. I'm still holding on to the idea that I will one day whittle my waist and thighs or enhance my cleavage to fit into my old clothes. I LOVE my clothes and can remember where/when I got every single item, how much it cost, where I've worn it. I'm seriously like Rain Man when it comes to my clothes.

Unknown said...

Ha Ha!
Don't worry, I haven't purged my closet yet either. I still am holding hope I'll somehow magically lose 8 pounds. I've already lost all I can lose I think. My food intake is already healthy and I know I'll never do a big workout regimen so I don't think it's in the cards. I have to somehow let go. I'm saying that wistfully.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a mom yet but I do love to be cozy all the time. I go to work in my Juicy Couture Velour sweat suits with Uggs and I think they are totally cute mommy wear. Here's an example they come in many colors:

Anonymous said...

Oh, and they had these exact sweat suits from JC on sale at the Costco near my house.

Anonymous said...

Old Navy and Gap...and for a little fun I like forever 21...yes, I feel weird in there shopping with the teens and tweens but some very cute (and cheap) and on trend stuff can be found in there. I call it the poor man's

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