Me and Wee: Winter

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Mommy Sleigh Ride

Sleigh in Snow

Hi friends!
Over the weekend we had several days of snowfall here in the woods of Massachusetts. Some days were frigidly cold, while others were "mild" with heavy snowfall. We found ourselves hanging out indoors most of the time and this lead to some serious cabin fever. Well, we solved the problem by taking Paige out in the falling snow to use her brand new shiny snow sleigh, courtesy of her Grandma and Rico. Her first time "playing" in the snow went better than I'd imagined! We bundled her up in her "new" snowsuit, handed down from her cousin, and out we went. One thing I learned: a sleigh isn't meant for deep fluffy snow. It's meant for packed down flat snow...the kind left behind after a plow has come through. We pulled her in the yard for a bit, but all that did was push the snow out of the way and cause the sleigh to tilt upward. Poor Little P looked shell shocked. We tried to pull her along the hiking path behind our house, but, again the snow was too deep and not yet packed down. She did seem to enjoy looking at the trees and the falling snow. We then took the sleigh to the road and pulled her along the packed snowy part on the edge. We live on a dead end street, so it was safe. Up and down we went and she had a ball. It was much easier there! So, lessons were learned on our part. And Paige had fun. That was the important part. Winters full of snow and cold get very depressing when you can't get outside much. As a child, I was outside in the snow practically every day. I wore a full snow suit and played with my sled on the hill in our yard. I also built snow forts and snowmen. But, with a baby, those things just aren't yet feasible to do with her. And let's face it: bundling up a baby and one's self to go outside is a giant pain in the ass. And, don't get me started on the snow quality when it melts a bit and freezes into a giant hard mass of icy grossness. That's the stuff that rips your flesh off if you dare run your hand along it (or your face if you are unlucky enough to fall off your sled). That crap is no fun to play in. (nor is the yellow snow) Anyway, winter can suck, but with a little extra effort it's not so bad. It will be worth it once Little P can enjoy the great outdoors with us. For now, we have just a few more months to get through before the fresh warmth of spring graces us and we can run and walk freely. I can't wait!

Mommy Pulls Sleigh

Daddy and Paige

Say Wha'?


Home Sweet Home Place said...

Looks SO fun! I love the sled! Grace might need one of those too! ;)

Dayka Robinson said...

Great shots!

alicia said...

we got Ivy almost the exact same sled!! soo cool :)

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