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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hi friends!
It's pouring rain and snow here today but I'm feelin' fine! Paige is off in slumber-nap-land and I'm catching up on blogs and such. Over at my other blog, I've begun to breathe new life into the content and have decided to start using that space as more of a personal creative digital inspiration scrapbook. (usually I keep the things I like the very best private and in folders on my computer for perusal, but no more!) Images, thoughts, colors, ideas, and things that I've seen around the web and blogland...all things that pique my interest and make me smile and spark my creativity. I also plan to include some more personal stories and thoughts connected to the content I find...why I like it or what it brings to my mind. I hope you enjoy it and will visit me there sometimes!
I plan to infuse this space (Me and Wee) with more little snippets of personal tales and stories...just little thoughts on being a Mama, thoughts on family life, and thoughts about home things...much more personalized (if that's possible). :)
Let me know if there's anything you'd like to know more about or if you have any questions about things here at Me and Wee.
Be well!

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EFamily said...

I would love to get your thoughts on the best children's books. Also if you could share how you balance your time between your baby and your husband. Do you feel like you two have date nights? What sorts of fun things do you two do together? I'm really just looking for ideas

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